April 12th, 2012 by Leo Plaw

CoSM Entheon Exhibition Hall of Visionary Art

Alex and Allyson Grey’s CoSM project is taking shape in its new location outside of New York city. Having relocated from the artsy Chelsea district to its new more tranquil location in the Hudson Valley in 2009, work has progressed on realising the vision the husband and wife artist team have. Alex and Allyson are currently on the push to complete one of the next major steps in the CoSM project.

The old carriage building on their property is currently being renovated and will take on a new life, as “Entheon”, the CoSM Visionary Art exhibition hall. “Entheon” refers to “a place to discover the God within” and this the name was offered to the renowned Burning Man Camp birthed in 2006. Many of the best and brightest Visionary painters exhibited banners and live paintings in Entheon Village’s various domes and sculptural tents. The first exhibition at Entheon will be the art of Alex Grey including all twenty-one Sacred Mirrors. New technologies in 3D modeling and printing will be utilized to create the sculptural elements of this architectural design. Estimated cost to build this two story public structure is about $1.4M USD. This enduring legacy will be manifested through the donations of many visionaries from all over the world.

Alex and Alyson say of Entheon:

Visionaries are creating and populating festivals like Burning Man, Boom, Tribe and thousands of other echoes of the big bang of Woodstock, the weekend “music and art fair” that defined hippie hope-aholism. These celebrations of life are arenas of intense alternative worldviews, social groups, and the birthplace of a “WorldSpirit.” The evolutionary agendas shared during these temporary ecstatic zones makes one yearn for a more permanent embodiment of our worldwide love tribe aesthetic.

On a recent journey to Egypt where the pair visited the Giza Pyramids and the Sphinx, Alex had a vision and was inspired with the design for the Entheon exhibition hall. The building will take shape in Alex’s signature art style, as well as being adorned by Allyson’s unique glyphs. Giza inspired sphinxes also feature in the designs.

To help with the building of Entheon, pre-purchase entrance tickets are going on sale. Ticket sales will go towards manifesting the CoSM community exhibition space. The pre-sale tickets can be used any time once Entheon opens to the public.

DonateDonate to the Fantastic Visions project.

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