March 23rd, 2012 by Leo Plaw

Promethean Flames – Philip Rubinov Jacobson

Philip Jacobson‘s second book, “Promethean Flames – rekindling and re-visioning the creative fire”, approaches art and spirituality with theoretical and impassioned reflections on the highest calling of the visual arts.

It delineates the boundaries and bridges between the creative process and illumination by exploring, expounding and integrating the fields of art, creativity, psychology, religion and philosophy.

It also surveys the situation between the contemporary art world and the modern creative mystic, between the artist and the responder, the states and stages of illumined artistic vision and the very path of art as a tool for the transformation of consciousness.

Seen from one angle, the book’s argument turns on a novel account of art’s history.  In this presentation there are two levels of being each with distinctive forms of historical time: (1) developments within the everyday gross-realm that, since the time of the Judaic tale of the Golden Calf, have periodically dulled the full glory of visual art (as with repeated iconoclasms); and (2) a stream of art-making drawing upon and expressing more subtle realms of being, this unfolding less unidirectional, more “cyclical,” and involving a trans-generational community of artist-shamans and –sages communicating with each other across the ages.  While visual artists necessarily participate explicitly in the first stream of art history, not all do so in the second.

It is a great pleasure to be friends with Philip. He is a great Artist, Writer and a man of action. Philip has dedicated a massive amount of energy into a movement that is very close to my heart. The global Fantastic & Visionary Art movement would be more than a man short without Philip’s energy. Phil has published books on our movement, featuring many great artists, he’s produced an impressive body of work and he has exposed people to the magic of Visionary art with his personable, hands-on seminars. It is my pleasure to Recommend this passionate man to the art world (and the world at large).” Jon Beinart, Director and Editor, beinArt Publishing

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