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Otfried Culmann’s Traumwelt

Otfried Culmann has released his new book titled “Otfried Culmanns Traumwelt”, a monograph with oil paintings, drawings, etchings and photographs from the years 1969 – 2011. The book contains over 200 illustrations on 128 pages.

Otfried Culmann says of the work:
“This book introduces geography of my dream world, the otherside of reality. It is divided into six chapters: The “personal insight” leads us to endless stories about an “Enchanted Landscape” with enchanted gardens and parks. In them we meet “Fantastic Phenomena” such as forests and naiads or sleepwalker. In the next plane, we come to “Imaginary Cities” with bizarre houses, sheds, barns and abandoned mansions, in which there are “Mysterious Rooms.” Some of these rooms are truly “Wonder Cabinets” with mysterious machines, music machines and automobiles with a life of its own … ”

Thestandard edition book is €25, and the special deluxe limited edition of 80. includes a hand-colored etching “Three Graces in the Garden of Eden” in the image format of 11 x 10.5 cm and is signed and numbered.

Further information: Studio & Gallery Culmann, otfried.culmann @

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