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Dreamscapes V

The imaginary realism has become a global movement. This is the programmatic summary of Marcel Salome. This is his fifth edition of “Dreamscapes” (dream worlds or landscapes). 75 contemporary artists will be presented with their artworks, personal statements and standardized interviews: Who or what inspires them, what drives them? How the outside world affects their art? The book heavily represents Europeans, but the U.S., Japan, India and Iraq are represented as well.

Marcel sees Imaginary Realism not as an independent style of visual art. He places it under contemporary surrealism, especially the varieties of magical, fantastic and visionary realism with a symbolist character. In literature, these “isms” are often used as synonyms, with fluid boundaries between them. While art critics are busy trying to work out the differences academically, Salome places them together into a global movement. In order to stimulate the public interest in the art, the project “Dreamscapes” is realized not only through the art book edition, but is accompanied by international touring exhibitions. Salome opens to the participating artists new contacts with museums, art fairs and galleries. “Dreamscapes” wants to place a mark in contemporary art and so is a commercial tool for artists to increase their response on the international art market.

Source: Dr. Klaus Freyer

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Michael Parkes, Menunana, Jose Parra, Buddy Nestor, Jean Thomassen, David Bowers, Ton Haring, Ryzard Krynsky, Fabrizio Riccardi, Hans Kanters, Alexandra Müller Jontschewa, Hans Peter Müller, Leo Plaw, Christine Morren, Reinhard Schmid, Siegrfried Zademack, Eli Tiunine, Henk Bloemhof, Saturno Buttò, Gerd Bannuscher, Jake Baddeley, Micha Lobi, Wojchiech Peszko, Marcel Witte, Lukáš Kándl, Joshua Pennings, Oleg Osipoff, Frank C. Hauser, Benoit Polvéche, Tomasz Alen Kopera, Basher, Ludmilla Van Der Spoel, Bruno Di Maio, Igor Grechanyk, Slavko Krunic, Christian Schmidt, Stani, Uladzimir Bludnik, Patricia Dubiel, Marek Zyga, Mibramig, Leonardo Caboni, Giuliano Costa, Edward Leibovitz, Prof. Przemyslaw Lasak, Hans Peter Mader, Gil Bruvel, Tomek Setowski

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