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Dreams and Divinities

Dreams and Divinities – Sacred Expressions from Women 13 painters and 8 poets from around the world, is a book by Liba WS.

Dreams and Divinities is a 120 page visual and poetic journey which unfolds through love, the Goddess and God, creation, nature, introspection, mythology and compassion. This book, designed and produced by artist Liba WS, is the first book in a series on creative expression of the sacred. The first volume is expressions from women, thus the number thirteen was chosen to celebrate the thirteen lunar cycles within the year. 


Painter and curator Aloria Weaver was asked by Liba to co-curate and help edit the book. The two women have selected some of the brightest stars from the visionary art movement.

Martina Hoffmann, Brigid Marlin, Maura Holden, Wessi, Amanda Sage, Gabriela Garza Padilla, Autumn Skye, Helena Nelson Reed, Elisabeth Slettnes, Liba WS, Aloria Weaver, Sarah Zambiasi.


Liba has taken the images and laid them out with poems from a selection of women poets.

Hazel Archer Ginsberg, Aleah Sato, Ingrid Andrew, Andrea Freeman, Gabriela Garza Padilla, Helena Nelson Reed, Aloria Weaver, Liba WS.

Liba WS has been making handmade books and small collaborative artist editions for over twenty years. This project is a veritable experiment in alternative distribution. The idea is that as a circle of women each participant will have the possibility to sell and thus distribute the book. Liba chose Blurb because the company allows pdf uploads of artist editions, rather than simply using pre-set book templates. Blurb provides a platform for sales and distribution.

The book was launched in Grenada’s town hall on March 9th 2012 on the opening day of the International Women’s Art Fair. This year the Women’s art fair has 65 artists from over 20 countries spanning the 5 continents. The exposition is taking place in the town hall and the Cultural center of Grenada from March 9th to the 30th. The show was organized by ceramist Yamal Din along with curator and painter Jesus C. Lopez.

Dreams and Divinities is available in softback or in a collector’s hard cover edition.

There will be a book signing at Dorothy’s Gallery during the Surrealist Heritage exhibition which opens March 30th.

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