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Gerhard Habarta

Gerhard Habarta

Gerhard  Habarta

Gerhard Habarta is an authority on a Fantastic Art. Habarta (b. 1939) a Viennese native, has written many papers, newspaper reports and books on the subject, including the “Lexicon of Fantastic Artists.” In 1999 Habarta was awarded the Austrian Honorary Cross for Science and the Arts.

From 1955 he worked with youth in education. He established his community of young collectors. Since 1958 as a gallery director, curator, author and publisher.

Between 1966-1971 he was the Program Director of the art book publishing program of the City of Vienna. A number of these book publications included the first catalog raisonné of prints by Ernst Fuchs, Helo Weis, monographs of A.P. Gütersloh, Fritz Janschka and Helmut Kies.

From 1970 to 1992 he was a newspaper publisher, editor and designer for magazines.

Co-author, author and / or editor of book publications on popular culture (science fiction, comics, wild west, fashion), the time history (working-class culture, Republic of history, residential) and Art.

From 1971, an international publisher printed editions (including EuroArt) and of sculptures and multiples. Laying Generic collaboration with many artists of surrealism and fantasy art, including Salvador Dalí (graphics and sculptures), Leonor Fini, Andre Masson, Felix Labisse, Niki de Saint Phalle, Verlon, Rudolf Hausner, Arik Brauer, Ernst Fuchs , Anton Lehmden, Helmut gravel, and several cycles of prints by Wolfgang Hutter.

From 1978, curator and organizer of major exhibitions and museums to popular culture and works of classical modernism in Austria, Germany, France, Belgium and Switzerland, including important works by Pablo Picasso Complex, Henry Moore, Marino Marini, Alfred Hrdlicka, etc.

Exhibition, the Vienna School of Fantastic Realism ‘at the Europalia, Belgium.

Major exhibitions in Austria, Germany, Hungary, France and Switzerland with more than 200 paintings and drawings, and more than 1,000 works of graphic works of Salvador Dali.

To all exhibits extensive catalog books.

Books on art and culture:

“Art in Vienna ’45 – Former relationships” (Publisher’s apple) 1996

“Handbook Picasso – 375 keywords to Life and Works” Collectors Digest, 2000

” Ernst Fuchs , The Unicorn from the breast of the Sphinx “Biography, Styria Verlag, 2001

“Comic Worlds” Catalog Book, 1992

“Catalogue of the guaranteed genuine & authentic Engravings of Salvador Dali Museu Perrot-Moore, 1988

“Les Tres riches 678 Signatures of Salvador Dalí” Collectors Club in 1984

Salvador Dalí ~ painters, sculptors, writers’ publishing ExtraMax, Kranenburg, 2003

“It was the woman – the invention of technologies by women” edition: cult (ure) stories, 2003

1986 Dr.Theodor Kery Prize for Art

Lexicon of the fantastic artists

1.Edition (German)

Author: Gerhard Habarta

Volume: 464 pages

SW 950 illustrations, 458 in color

1122 Biographies

13 posts encyclopaedic

Format: 22.5 x 17cm, Tied with ribbon

ISBN: 9 783837 084276

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