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Viechtach is a 900 year old town situated in the picturesque countryside of the Bavarian Forest. Culture plays a big role in the German town of Viechtach, with an attractive year-round cultural program of concerts, exhibitions, theatrical performances, literary events, lectures, along with the fixed festivals.

Some time ago the town of Viechtach decided to put the Alt Rathaus (Old Town Hall), located on the old town square, to use and renovated it as a professional standard gallery. Its program of exhibitions have a special emphasis upon Fantastic art.

Now included as a fixed feature of the culture and exhibition program is the Fantastic Art Biennale. It is co-operative project with Lukáš Kándl, the head of the group Libellule, who is a member of numerous cultural organisations. Kándl, from his adopted country of France, has organized numerous sensational group shows all over Europe, which he and his wife Françoise prepared and carried out. A deep friendship has been forged with the Bavarian Forest town of Viechtach. This relationship came about via artist Reinhard Schmid, whose painting Kándl very much appreciates. At Kándl’s invitation Schmid has already participated in many group exhibitions, including at the Grand Palais in Paris. The city itself Viechtach supports the Biennale as part of its plans to establish itself as a center of fantastic art in Bavaria.

There are also many other special Fantastic Art exhibitions that are also hosted in Viechtach. There is a strong emphasis placed upon international cultural exchange, with artists from many countries being exhibited and visiting the town. One exhibition of such note was the iPaX 2010 International Fantastic Art Exhibition.

So successful has the exhibition program become that even the city Munich media is taking notice and writing very favourable reviews.

Altes Rathaus Viechtach
Stadtplatz 1

Tel. +49 9942 1661

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Dreamscapes V 2013

Dreamscapes V 2013

Start: 21/06/2013
End: 06/10/2013
The fifth edition of the international Dreamscapes exhibition will be opened at the “Old Town Hall” of Viechtach in Germany.
Phoenix and Dragons – Viechtach

Phoenix and Dragons – Viechtach

Start: 08/09/2012
End: 15/11/2012
The Bavarian Forest town, Viechtach, also known in artistic circles as a "Center of Fantastic Art", welcomes on the 8th September, the international artist group, Libellule, led by Lukáš Kandl, to present their exhibition "Phoenix and Dragons."
Austronauten Exhibition Viechtach

Austronauten Exhibition Viechtach

Start: 22/06/2012
End: 26/08/2012
The Bavarian Forest of town of Viechtach, known as the "center of the fantastic art" of Bavaria, welcomes the AUSTROnauten soon: Artists from Austria and Australia, which follow the tradition of Viennese Fantastics their own way. The opening of the AUSTROnauten exhibition takes place on Friday, 22 June 2012 at 7pm in the Alten Rathaus, Viechtach.

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