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HR Giger Museum

HR Giger‘s 50th birthday was celebrated in 1990 with a large exhibition in Gruyères Castle. The retrospective exhibition was a resounding success and attracted some 110,000 visitors. Giger continued to visit the medieval town of Gruyères, and fell in love with the beautiful area. When he heard from the then curator of the Château de Gruyères, located below the fortifications of the castle of St. Germain, was for sale, the idea was born to set up there his own museum and a center forFantastic Art. On 11 September 1997, he auctioned the Château, with the help of architect Roger, the energetic support of Barbara Gawrysiak and the invaluable commitment of the many employees on 21 June 1998 could not open the gates.

The sprawling museum has a variety of Giger‘s most important works from different periods are on display.Besides key works like “The Spell” and “passages” there are also many works from the film design: among other things, from “Alien” and “Alien 3”, “Dune,” “Species,” “Poltergeist 2” or “The Mystery of San Gottardo. “

Museum HR Gigier
Château St. Germain
1663 Gruyères

Tel.: +41 26 921 22 00
Fax: +41 26 921 22 11
E-Mail: info @ hrgigermuseum . com

Opening hours:
Apr – Oct: opened every day 10 – 18 h
Nov – March: Tue – Fri 13 – 17 h;
Sat / Sun 10-18 h;
Mondays closed


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15th Anniversary of HR Giger Museum

15th Anniversary of HR Giger Museum

Start: 22/06/2013
End: 22/06/2013
This month the HR Giger Museum in Switzerland will be celebrating 15 years since its opening. In the presence of the artist, the HR Giger Museum is devoting all its energies to host an unforgettable experience in its biomechanical and futuristic world.

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