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Herrenhof Mußbach

The Herrenhof Mußbach Association was founded in 1983 with the goal to renovate the centuries-old winery and revive it with every kind of culture activity and make the oldest winery in the Palatinate, open to the public. In nearly ten years of construction, the buildings have been restored and renovated. The entire complex of buildings, yard area survived through the time of secularization by Napoleon in 1803. The founding documents date back to the 7th century – the architectural styles of the renovated building, however, belong to later periods. The tireless members of the association saved the historic and unique Johanniter winery from decay and oblivion.

After 166 000 volunteer work hours, a local culture centre was created, which has attracted since 1991, every year thousands of people from near and far. Here governments have met, churches held services, world-famous artists have exhibited, government ministers and prime ministers dined, adventurers have been reported, local and foreign citizens have shown their skills in all genres. About 1,600 members have joined the association and it is anticipated that many more will join, because of the cultural programs on offer.

The Herrenhof has been the ongoing host to the Art Imaginär exhibitions.

Herrenhof Mußbach
An der Eselshaut 18
67435 Mußbach-Neustadt an der Weinstrasse

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Art Imaginär 2011

Art Imaginär 2011

Start: 24/10/2011
End: 27/11/2011
The Herrenhof Mußbach is this year hosting again an extensive exhibition featuring 55 artists. It is the first time that many of the artists are being shown in Art Imaginär.
Ernst Fuchs 80th Birthday – Herrenhof Neustadt-Mußbach

Ernst Fuchs 80th Birthday – Herrenhof Neustadt-Mußbach

Start: 24/10/2010
End: 14/11/2010
The Culture Center Herrenhof, Neustadt-Mußbach is celebrating the 80th Birthday of Prof. Ernst Fuchs, the great master of Fantastic Art in the form of a magnificent exhibition of over 100 works (monumental oil paintings, pastels, drawings, sculptures and rare prints) from the collection of Dr. Cornelia Mensdorff-Pouilly, the long time muse and manager of the artist.
Art Imaginär 2009

Art Imaginär 2009

Start: 27/09/2009
End: 25/10/2009
The Art Imaginär 2009 exhibition consisted of 75 artists from 10 different countries, from the well known such as Fuchs and Dali, to lesser known, all working in Fantastic Art.

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