Visionary Art

The visionary art is a recent trend of art where the artist brings his “mental pictures” on his work. These images are directly obtained by techniques of stimulation daydreams, made possible by trances, plants or psychotropic substances, meditations or just dream. As such visionary art approaches sometimes myths or sacred art, the projection areas of the brain stimulated gives the opportunity to be born an invisible type of archetypal mythology, angels, demons, spirits of nature and cosmos become palpable and interactive. The visionary artist, generally at the opposite of conceptual art, uses his intuition, his sensitivity and his gift of mediumship to channel his daydreams on his canvas, his sculpture.

For some, visionary art is a gateway to a world “parallel”, a “third eye”: that of conscience. For others it remains in the realm of the imagination. It is nevertheless true, as was remarked the philosopher Carl Gustav Jung, that the imagination is common to all mankind:

“In each of us is another being that we do not know. He speaks to us through dreams and lets us know that we see very different from what we believe. ”


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Featured Artist Peter Gric