A Movement

2008 has been an interesting year for me. The world has grown smaller with me finally meeting face to face with many Fantastic and Visionary artists I’ve been in contact with over the internet. It is because of this medium, the internet, they we are starting to see what were isolated artists coalesce into a worldwide movement. People are reaching out to each other and organizing. There is a collective vision that is being given shape.

What is that vision? While one of the defining features of Fantastic or Visionary art is the individual expressions, what unifies us is a sense greater than ourselves, that our existence is more than the perceptions of our five senses, the perception of linear time, or specific space, hard physical “reality”.

These inward looking expressions (microcosmic) usually resonate to a macrocosmic grains of truth. I say grains of truth, because there are no total truths, only commonalities of experience or perception. That is why this art generates the interest it does, because people see mirrors reflecting truisms.

This is the difference between Surrealism and Fantastic Visionary art. Surreal is the absurd and irrational, Fantastic Visionary is … and structured meaning. The subconscious versus the conscious and super conscious. Fantastic Visionary is more akin to the Symbolism than to Surrealism.

That is not to say that Surrealism is the antithesis, rather so it has been a beginning, one of free association, upon which the later Fantastic and Visionary has been inspired and built.

Fantastic and Visionary is a journey of self discovery.

Along with discovering ourselves, we are discovering, that we are not alone. We are seeing this when we search the internet and see the artwork of others. It is this empathetic recognition that is bringing us together to build our collective website projects. But the truly interesting part is when we are tempted to bridge our physical divides and meet others.

Now there is a real synergy happening, where virtual friendships are deepening as true relationships. Fantastic Visionary artists are gathering, with a real presence and ultimately showing others of less artistic bent, those not blessed with skill to render what they see, or even to those who inner creative vision is not yet fully awakened, that there other possibilities, limitless ones, if we allow ourselves to dream.

By dreaming, I don’t mean the autonomous nocturnal ramblings, I mean to day dream, or lucid dream – creative visualisation.

We should respect dreams as much as we respect reality and sometimes our dreams are more powerful than reality.Wolfgang Grasse.

We are the community that is unafraid to dream. We are creative people that recognize this in each other. That is the community of Fantastic Visionary which is taking shape.

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Featured Artist Peter Gric