October 1st, 2014 by Leo Plaw

Dreamscapes Exhibition – Alden Biesen Belgium

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On 11 October 2014 the Dreamscapes exhibition for contemprary imaginary realism will be opened at the “Landcommanderij Alden Biesen” in Bilzen, Belgium. For two months there will be about 300 works of art created by more than 70 contemporary masters, representing Imaginary Realism from all across the globe.

Never before there was such a big exhibition for imaginair realism. Dreamscapes sets for many years the standards for high quality imaginary realism art. The Dreamscapes exhibitions are unique and it shows beside paintings many sculptures and pieces of glass. Dreamscapes Alden Biesen is curated by Marcel Salome and Francis Hebda and there wil be a special hard cover book of this event. Alden Biesen is a magical historical castle and goes back to 1210. A perfect combination to show imaginary realistic art.

The initiator and organizer from the very beginning is Marcel Salome. He brings Imaginary Realism prominently out into the limelight. In this pursuit he focuses exclusively on contemporary artists with a highly idiosyncratic character. While granting a podium to laureate masters, he also gives an opportunity to less well-known and young, up-and-coming talents to present themselves and their work.

Under the collective name of Imaginary Realism Dreamscapes unites artistic trends such as Magic Realism, Fantastic Realism, Surrealism and Symbolism and brings them to the notice of the world through various projects.

In the past three decades Imaginary Realism has produced great artists from different continents who have started working together internationally not only from a jointly felt need to work in this imaginary style, but also because of an unmistakable congeniality and solidarity. This cooperation has resulted in high-profile Dreamscapes group exhibitions led by artists and representatives of the imaginary style. During these Dreamscapes exhibitions, works by more than 70 international artists may be admired, many of whom display their work in Europe for the first time or show works of art that are usually acquired by private collectors straight away and thus remain invisible for the general public.

Imaginary representations and the traditional painting and sculpting techniques have left a distinct impression and deep appreciation in art history for the work by old masters like Hieronymus Bosch, Pieter Breughel, Giuseppe Arcimboldo, Leonardo da Vinci, Pre-Raphaelites, Gustave Moreau, Salvador Dalí, René Magritte and Paul Delvaux. These mostly metaphysical and surrealistic depictions of the world have fascinated mankind ever since Greek antiquity and the age of the Egyptians. They are natural phenomena that usually manifest themselves in dreams and from the subconscious, serving as a source of inspiration for many artists. Through the ages the grand masters have been followed by strong successors: artists who also draw inspiration from metaphysics, philosophy, literature and the symbolism of the metaphysical world. Like their predecessors, who endeavored to capture the magic of reality, the artists participating in Dreamscapes unbridle their fantasy to today’s world. The Dreamscapes exhibition presents the masters of the future, who have exchanged the bohemian life for a world of global appreciation and recognition.


Alexandra Müller Jontschewa, Ans Markus, Arnold Jongkind, Basher, Benoit Polvéche, Uladzimir Bludnik, Bruno di Maio, Buddy Nestor, Cristian Schmidt, Christine Morren, Don Clarke, Eddy Stevens, Edward Leibovitz, Ego Leonard, Eli Tiunine, Fabrizio Riccardi, Frank C. Hauser, Gabriel Meiring, Gerd Bannuscher, Giuliano Costa, Hans Kanters, Hans Peter Mader, Hans Peter Müller, Henk Bloemhof, Igor Grechanyk, Ivo Teuwe, Jake Baddeley, Jean Claude Dresse, Jean Thomassen, Jose Parra, Joshua Pennings, Prof. Przemyslaw Lasak, Leo Plaw, Leonardo Caboni, Ludmilla van der Spoel, Lukáš Kándl, Marek Zyga, Marcel Witte, Menunana, Mibramig, Micha Lobi, Michael Parkes, Michiel Hiep, Milorad Stanojev Sirajski, Ole Ahlberg, Patricia Dubiel, Patricia van Lubeck, Patrizia Comand, Pavel Borowski, Wojchiech Peszko, Phynta, Richard Blasczcyk, Ryzard Krinsky, Roland Heyder, Shiori Matsumoto, Siegrfried Zademack, Slavko Krunic, Stani, Stan-Jan Borowski, Stanislaw Borowski, Stephanie Henderson, Terri Duan, Tim Roosen, Tomasz Górnickiv, Tomasz Alen Kopera, Tomek Setowski, Ton Haring, Wessi, Willem Rutgers, Wu Jia Hui, Yu Saguwara


11 October – 14 December 2014
Open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10am – 5pm


Alden Biesen
Kasteelstraat 6

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