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Leo Plaw – Micha Colory Krebs in Galerie Atelier III


Hailing from the Berlin art scene painters, Leo Plaw  and  Micha Colory Krebs  provide insights into their intense colours and dynamic visual cosmos – immersing themselves in a wide range of topics.

They endeavor not to naturalistically depict the appearance of things, or reshape the nature of intellectual content – but they share with their purely visual experiences that they behold. a sensual and shape of their own artistic vision ….

The previous exhibition from 2009, BERLIN VISIONARY in GALERIE•ATELIER III, gave the audience an opportunity for the first time, contact with the works of the two international artists.

Micha Krebs (50) has lived and worked since age 18, as an artist based in Berlin. In 1991, he opened the Colory Gallery in Berlin.

In addition to numerous exhibitions in Germany, Los Angeles and China, Micha Colory Krebs is currently working on large-scale wall paintings.

He is an active member of a Berliner black light artist group. Micha creates fantasy worlds and creations of incredible colour intensity – “As intense as possible’ is his stated work goal“, his pictures are painted in acrylic on canvas and wood, with a painting technique he has deepened over years of practice.

Leo Plaw , an Australian who maintains studios in Berlin and Vienna, recently had his artwork published in the boook, “Dreamscapes V – contemporary imaginary realism“.

He has exhibited around the world, including in Japan, USA, Belgium, France, Portugal, Canada. Plaw’s artwork has appeared in numerous other publications and and has been interviewed for raido and TV.

“My artwork reveals interior worlds and hidden landscapes that lie hidden beneath the everyday surface”, says the artist.

Plaw is the founder of the international project, Fantastic Visions, which documents and networks with the Fantastic and Visionary Art world.

Exhibition period:  16 November 2013 to 12 January 2014
Opening times:  Tue – Thu 14:00 to 18:00, Sat and Sun 12:00 to 18:00, or by appointment

Galerie Atelier III
Schlossinsel Rantzau
25355 Barmstedt

Tel.: +49 (0)4123 – 3026


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