September 20th, 2013 by Leo Plaw

Iain Whittaker – Psychopomp

"Goodness Knows Where", oil on canvas, 111 x 213cm, 2001 - 2011

“Goodness Knows Where”, oil on canvas, 111 x 213cm, 2001 – 2011

Australian painter Iain Whittaker’s exhibition Psychopomp travels to Goulburn Regional Gallery from October 3 – 26. Replete with fantastic imagery and seemingly incongruous juxtapositions, this exhibition showcases the results of a 17 year painting odyssey, a process of developing ludicrous yet convincing images with unexpected undertows, where the fantastic is the only way to approach reality with any clarity.

Driven by the idea of using a painted surface to reach out to others, to stretch identity and provoke empathetic events beyond everyday boundaries, one of the unexpected challenges in the creation of these images has been their sometimes prescient nature. This calling forth has made for a curious and sometimes perplexing journey.

Preferring to see himself as “a shapeshifter in paint who can sometimes jump out of his skin”, there remain moments in Whittaker’s work where every thought and synapse, every detail, seems tainted and loaded with troubling inheritances. Alchemical and haunted images sit along side iconic re-configurations in a complex architecture of symbols that are potentially hypnotic and magical, both dark and light. Whittaker doesn’t start out with a map of a painting; his process is not pre-ordained. It unfolds, sidetracks, and slips into the depths.


A Wollongong Art Gallery Touring Exhibition

Duration: 3 – 26 October, 2013
Times: Mon-Fri 10-5 Sat 1-4

Goulburn Regional Art Gallery
Goulburn Civic Centre
Cnr Bourke & Church Streets
Golburn, N.S.W.

Tel: + 61 2 48 234 494

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