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Destiny to Imagination Exhibition Prateep Kochabua

Prateep Kochabua's "Destiny to Imagination" exhibiton at the Bangkok Museum of Contemporary Art

Prateep Kochabua’s “Destiny to Imagination” exhibiton at the Bangkok Museum of Contemporary Art

The Bangkok Museum of Contemporary Art exhibition ‘‘Destiny to Imagination’’, will exhibit a collection of 30 paintings created during the past two decades by Prateep Kochabua, one of the most prominent artists in the Thai contemporary art scene.

Prateep’s show, continuing into mid-October, testifies in full to his penchant for morphing multiple elements into allegories of daily life. All the contorted supernatural creatures and luscious nude goddesses make his art a favourite of Boonchai Bencharongkul, the museum’s founder and a devotee of surrealism. His collection of Prateep’s work occupies much of third floor.

The surrealist artist uses Thai traditional culture as the origin of his imagination. With his excellent painting skills, he frees his overwhelming fantasy onto canvas after canvas. His first collection of artworks reveals the philosophy of reincarnation. His later works are inspired by different sets of notions—dhamma and nature, the human body and the truth about nature, and society, culture and desire.

Since 1995, Prateep’s collections of paintings have been widely recognised, many of which tell the story of a magical land based on his desire to escape the chaos of reality. This land is like his spiritual haven where he can freshen up and prepare himself to go back to face the real world.

Destiny to Imagination

Duration: September 14, 2013 to October 16, 2013
Opening Hours: Tuesday – Sunday 10.00 A.M. – 06.00 P.M.  (Closed on Mondays)

Bangkok Museum of Contemporary Art
499 Kamphaengphet 6 Rd., 
Ladyao, Chatuchak, 
Bangkok 10900 

+66 2 953 1005-7


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