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Dollars, Treasures and Art Exhibition 2013 Barockschloss Riegersburg

“Money, Treasure and Art… has time run out?”

This year’s exhibition at the Baroqueschloss Riegersburg entitled “Dollars, Treasures and Art… has time run out?” (Dollar Schätze und Kunst) brings together a number of current issues and many perspectives on contemporary society through the creation of the exhibiting artists. One of the issues is the wide range of relationships of the artistic paraphrases to sharp criticism of the cult of money. Other artists seek to expand further dimensions and bring through their work an exploration of values ​​in a material society.The exhibition considers what the actual values ​​are and whether we can still discern at all.

People often forget that we do not live in a vacuum but in a social-historical wheel. Time grinds ruthlessly on our secure notions of values, which is reflected in artistic works. Often themes reflect time and changes, but also, for example, by mimicking the mechanics of gears, crushing everything that is within reach.

What is the result of these transformations? Some exhibiting artists ask the question whether we, persistent in our effort and the frenzied pursuit of a chimera, with blinkers over the eyes, destroy what is our real wealth. Others reply with the existential works, looking at what remains to us, and what will endure over time.

Thanks goes to the Millennium Gallery, the group Libellule, the company Jacques Lemans, the artists, their families and private collectors for providing the artworks for this exhibition.

(Foreword by Iveta Pavlovičová K., Ph.D., curator of the exhibition Czech participations)

One of the highlights of the exhibition is the Groupe Libellule collection “One Million Dollars” which has also been shown in Viechtach, Germany and in the Vienna Phantasten Museum. The collection conprises the work of Lukas Kándl, Anne Bachelier, Jean Bailly, Michel Bassot, Patrizia Comand, Alexandra Jontschewa, Tomasz Alen Kopera, Hans-Peter Müller, Martin-Georg oscity , Boris Shapiro, Eli Tiunine , Pavel Žáček , Siegfried Zademack and Ernst Fox shown.

The two curators Iveta K. Pavlovičová and Hanno Karlhuber have also selected the following artists:

Lena Brewer, Karel Balcar, Jehan Calvus, Sissi Ceschi-Koutny, Mark Fellin, Andreas N. Franz, Othmar Halek, Philipp Heck man, Adolf Hoffmeister, Xénia Hoffmeisterová, Hanno Karl Huber , Peter Klich, Josef Kremlacek, Lubo Kristek, Oldrich Kulhánek, Josef Liesler, Andrei Németh Endre, Sigrid Nepelius, Karel Nepraš, Vladimir Petrov Gladky, Zdeněk Píža, Leo Plaw , Eva-Maria Raab, Otto Rapp , Michal Šarše, Mario Schleinzer, Jiří Skodac, Susanne Steinbacher, Jiří Suhajek, Timea Tallian, Peter under the Weissach, Jaroslav Vozniak, Alexander Quail, Udo Winkler.

Dollars, and art treasures

Exhibition: 29 April to 17 November 2013

Barockschloss Riegersburg
Riegersburg 1 A-2092 

Tel: +43 – 2916/400 
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