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14th Biennial of Contemporary Painting and Sculpture – Cercle Saint-Léonard

14e Biennale de la Peinture et de la Sculpture Contemporaines

14e Biennale de la Peinture et de la Sculpture Contemporaines

Saint-Léonard-de-Noblat is organised around visionary painting and sculpture.This direction of art is a rare and singular a guarantee of quality as it requires a design of unique character. The artists all have a good reputation. Of course, in each edition, there is change with the spotlight placed on international artists, who have an association with France. This year the guest artist is Siegfried Zademack, a German fantastic painter. His works set the stage of life and death through realistic portrayal  of characters on the mortal coil moving in a mysterious and disturbing universe.

” The visionary movement is an expression of an inner search… it began with the first person who drew the contours of the hand or the silhouette of an animal on a cave wall, it will continue as long as humanity feels the mystery of it’s being. Visionary art is an imaginary journey between our conscious state and the dreams, the creator is a smuggler who connects us to memories hidden deep in our unconscious…

The love of art, respect for well executed work, friendship and simplicity are the key words of our “Cercle Saint-Léonard,” thanks to them we were able to build these biennials! Come and meet us there. ”  Marie-Thérèse Malbet , President

Conceived there more than forty years ago, the Cercle Saint-Léonard has become over the years a strong independent and structured association.

Starting as a Summer musical festival, it has a mission to share with its members, friends and supporters of the Love Art in all its forms.

Then twenty years later, the “Cercle Saint-Léonard” organizes three exhibitions a year devoted to professional artists outside the Haute-Vienne, bringing new blood into the area of painting and sculpture hence the birth of the 1 st  Biennial of contemporary art in 1986.

Le Cercle Saint-Léonard also organizes monthly artistic, cultural trips and social events.

Exhibiting artists

Guest of honor

Siegfried Zademack

Artist painters and sculptors

Agnès Amann, Jean Bailly, Andrée Bars, Michel Barthélemy, Alain Bazard, Giorgio Brunacci, Odette Camp, Patrick Chaudesaigues, Jean Coladon, Michèle van Cotthem, Marc Desmullier, Kasimierz Dzyga, Monica Fagan, Pascal Ferry, Miguel Francisco Garcia-Diez, Marc Halingre, Erik Heyninck, Lukáš Kándl, Sylvia Karle-Marquet, Astrid Laviéville, David Lefebvre, Jean Lemonnier, Bernard Louédin, Jacques Montaron, Michel Naze, Marcel Nino Pajot, Xavier Pesme, Séverine Pineaux, Carmelo de la Pinta, Marc Platevoet, Fabrizio Riccardi, Jean-Noël Riou, Jean-François Segura, Anne Smith, Michaël Thomazo

14th Biennial of Contemporary Painting and Sculpture

Duration: Saturday, September 22 to Sunday, October 14, 2012 
Opening : Saturday, September 22, 5pm – 8pm

Salle des expositions
Rue Salengro
87400 Saint-Léonard-de-Noblat

Tel: +33 5 55 56 01 93



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