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International Surrealism Now 2012

International Surrealism Now

International Surrealism Now

Surrealism Now began in 2010 with the support of the Bissaya Barreto Foundation and now to celebrate the fifty years of the Conímbriga Monographic Museum, Santiago Ribeiro has gathered together surrealists from more than 10 countries to exhibit works.

The Monographic museum is Portugal’s second most visited museum. The ruins date back to 100 BCE. This antique setting juxtaposed against modern surrealist art is bound to be extraordinary.

Exhibiting Artists

Yuri Tsvetaev (Russia), Daniel Hanequand (Canada), Santiago Ribeiro (Portugal), Liba WS (France), Shahla Rosa (USA), Vu Huyen Thuong (Vietnam), Ton Haring (Holland), Victor Lages (Portugal), Francisco Urbano (Portugal), Keith Wigdor (USA), Majisme Majo (Holland), Steve Smith (USA), Héctor Pineda (Mexico), Gromyko Semper (Philippines), Paula Rosa – Portugal), Sio Shisio (Indonesia), Mehriban Efendi (Azerbaijan), Dan Neamu (Romenia), Hugues Gillet (France), Maciej Hoffman (Poland), Naiker Roman (Spain), Magi Calhoun (USA), Rui Silvares (Portugal), Maria Aristova (Russia), Brigid Marlin (UK), Otto Rapp (Austria)

International Surrealism Now 2012

Dates: 1st – 31 September 2012
Opening Hours
: 10am – 7pm
Conímbriga Monographic Museum
3150-220 Condeixa-a-Nova,

+351 239 949 110

DonateDonate to the Fantastic Visions project.

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