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H.R. Giger Retrospective Moscow Planetarium

H.R. Giger graphic work retrospective in the Moscow Planetarium

H.R. Giger graphic work retrospective in the Moscow Planetarium

The Moscow Planetarium in conjunction with the Inartis Project presents Russia’s first retrospective graphic exhibition of prominent Swiss artist H.R. Giger. The exhibition is comprised of more than 50 graphic works by Giger: lithography, silk screen printing and rare prints from the collection of H.R. Giger and collector Marco Witzig.

The ground floor of the Planetarium will become a full-fledged exhibition space, with Giger‘s graphic works adorning the walls. Complementing the exhibition will be video installations and music that will run in the cinema and lecture hall. Visitors will be able to view the earliest printed graphics by the artist. Inclusive will be work which had brought him worldwide fame, including the “Oscar” in 1980 for “Best Visual Effects” for Ridley Scott’s film “Alien.”

The earliest works by H.R. Giger from the 60’s and 70’s are a series of original silkscreen prints. Since the mid 70’s he began working extensively in the airbrush. He also created high-quality lithographic reproductions enhanced with airbrushing.

In the early 80’s Giger created silkscreens which are some of his most famous works, including the “Alien”, “NY City” and other series. From the very beginning of his artistic career, in addition to silkscreen printing and lithography, Giger worked with zinc plates, and used the classic stone technique, with the original masters being destroyed after the print edition.

Giger‘s creativity and design have oft influenced film. His style is unique; it cannot be fully attributed either to the Surrealists, or the representatives of Fantastic Realism.

After undergoing reconstruction for over 15 years, the Moscow Planetarium opened its doors to the public in the summer of 2011. Now, a year later, the Inartis Project is launching its exhibition program in the Moscow Planetarium.The Inartis Project that was established in Moscow in 2009 in order to maintain and develop the culture and art-market of the Russian capital. Jointly with the Moscow Planetarium they have organised the retrospective exhibition.

H.R. Giger Retrospective Moscow Planetarium

Duration: May 16th – July 15th, 2012
Cost: full 250 rubles, concession 200 rubles, free for veterans. 

Moscow Planetarium
Sadovaya Kudrinskaya, 5
123242, Moscow

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