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IMAGO – Phantastic Art 2012

After the huge success of recent years, the “IMAGO – Phantastic Art” is again this year staging an exciting exhibition in the Lower Austrian Barockschloss Riegersburg. The owner of the palace, Countess Francesca Pilati presents an exhibition program dedicated primarily to the fantastic art. A worldwide network of Fantastic Art and their representatives at various locations in Germany, Austria, Italy and France also have a home in Riegersburg.

47 artists from Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, France and Italy will participate in this year’s exhibition. 

Bernhard apple, Reon Argodian, Alfred Bast, Moritz Baumgartl, Nicholas Prince of Bentheim, Thomas Brenner, Jehan Calvus, Patrizia Comand,Otfried Culmann , Raffaele De Rosa, Andreas N. Franz, Margaret Frisch, Cornelia Fuchs, Jiri Duke, Joe Hackbarth, Wolfgang Harms , Charlotte Duke of Berg, Herrmann Hoormann, Fritz Hörauf, Hanno Karl Huber , Anton Kitzmüller, Tibor Kopòcs, Vesna Krasnec, Joseph Kremlacek, Lubo Kristek, Nikolai Lagoida Lukern, Jaroslav Marak, Michael Maschka , Andrei Endre Nemeth, Hellmut Neukirch, Herbert Pasiecznyk, Zdenek Piza, Jürgen Pleikies, Tamara Ralis, Otto Rapp , Fabrizio Riccardi,  Reinhard Schmid , Iskren Semkov, Piero Strada, Jiri Suhajek, Ida of Szigethy, Bella Volen Alexander quail, Elke Wassmann, Günter Westermann, Wolfgang Widmoser, Christoph Winkler, Woldemar Winkler, Udo Winkler, Franz Wolf, Siegfried Zademack.

A particular focus of the exhibition is the Westermann Collection “Phantastik in der Box” consisting of artworks by Fantastic Artists which have all been created on the same box format. On display are objects from:

Franz-Josef Bettag, Alice Buis, Edward Diem, Michael Engelhardt , Christian Flora , Peter Gric , Dietmar Gross, Wolfgang Harms , Herman Hoormann, Fritz Hörauf, Bruce de Jonge, Michel Claude Jullian, Heinz Jung, Michael Krähmer, Nikolai Lagoida, Edgar Mansion, Ellen Lórien, Jaime Makinde, Michael Maschka , Hans-Peter Müller, Alexandra Müller-Jontschewa, Hans Nicholas, Jo Nicholas, Silvia Pecha, Carl-W. Roehrig, Victor Safonkin, Manfred Sillner, Alexander quail, Elke Wassmann, Christoph Winkler, Udo Winkler, Siegfried Zademack, Vladimir Zalyasko.

Through the dedication of individuals and many artists who are networked through the internet across many regions in the world, a culture of painting is alive and well. Again the Barockschloss Riegersburg near the border with the Czech Republic, plays the role as a hub between East and West

Numerous honorary guests are expected. Countess Francesca Pilati and curator Hanno Charles Huber have secured keynote speakers Charles Trabüchler (ORF radio program director), Sedr. Jan Koukal (Ambassador of the Czech Republic and Prof. Gotthard Fellerer (publisher of the journal BravDa).

IMAGO – Phantastic Art 2012

Opening:  27th April 2012, 3pm clock (for invited guests!) 
Exhibition dates:  27th April to 15 November 2012 
opening times:  daily 9am – 5pm clock, Summer to 7pm

Baroque castle Riegersburg
A-2092 Riegersburg 1 

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