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Austrian Fantastics in Moscow

A.A Bachruschin Theatermuseum Moskau

A.A Bachruschin Theatermuseum Moskau

The prestigious national  AA Bakhrushin Theatre Museum in Moscow in cooperation with the Phantasten Museum Vienna, will present an exhibition an of contemporary Fantastic Artists.

The Theatre Museum was opened on 29 Moscow in October 1894 by the famous industrialist and philanthropist Bakhrushin Alexei Alexandrovich (1865-1929). In addition to the main building another 8 buildings belonging to the museum. One of them, the Theatre Gallery “Malaya Ordynka 9” is where the work of the ten Austrian artists will be exhibited.

The show encompasses a wide selection of artists, from the world famous co-founder of the “Vienna School of Fantastic Realism“, Prof. Ernst Fuchs, to artists of the next generation of the Austrian Fantastics. The curators Melinda Chelu and Sergei Tarakanov promise that it will be an interesting and exciting exhibition. 

Exhibiting Artists

Ernst Fuchs, Daniel Friedemann Fuchs, Ernst Steiner, Ernst Bruzek, Jehan Calvus, De Es Schwertberger, Rainer Stern, Hanno Karlhuber, Rose-Gabriel De La Lyre and Sigrid Nepelius

Countess Francesca Pilati, the organizer of the Phantasten exhibitions at Schloß Riegersburg will also be present at the exhibition opening.

Austrian Fantastics in Moscow

Opening:  20th March 2012, 5pm
Exhibition dates:  21st March to 14 April 2012 
Opening times:  Wed – Sun 12am – 7pm, except last Friday of the month

Theatre Gallery “Malaya Ordynka 9”
ул. Бахрушина, 31/12 (м. “Павелецкая”), 
Moscow 115054 

Tel : +7495953 44 70


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