March 10th, 2012 by Leo Plaw

Guardians – Martina Hoffmann

Curandera (detail)

Curandera (detail) oil on canvas, 122 x 107cm, 2012

Martina Hoffmann is again bringing her creative energies to the world, with an exhibition that includes new work, after a period of retreat following the passing of her life partner, Robert Venosa last year. The center of the exhibition is a newly completed painting, “Curandera” (Healer). The artwork was commenced in the last year as she and Robert faced the struggle with his illness and the challenges of his final journey.

The image refers to the shape-shifting of the ayahuasca shamans as well as the ‘Aya Mother Spirit’ who graced Robert and I with her loving care and presence during many journeys in the Amazonian rainforest,” says Martina. “The art presented in this exhibition is an invitation to remember our guardians and spirit guides during these times of profound consciousness transformation and global changes. A time to know our community and align with our chosen family and allies for our common good and growth.

Tonic has been Martina and Venosa‘s ongoing local Boulder, Colorado show place for a while now. It is one of the main places where their visionary community congregates and exchanges ideas daily.

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