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Laurence Caruana Art Visionnaire

Laurence Caruana exposition

Laurence Caruana Exhibition

Laurence Caruana is a visionary artist from Canada now living in France. His artwork is a juxtaposition of symbols in an attempts to approach a true language of images. From his rich experiences with his Viennese master Ernst Fuchs, he lectures on visionary art.

Visionary art follows in the footsteps of Bosch, Blake, Moreau, Dali and Fuchs, and attempts to show what lies beyond the doors of our perception. Through dreams, trance, and shamanism, the artists are trying to perceive the imperceptible – reaching a visionary state that transcends our regular modes of seeing. Practitioners of this art attempt to revive something eternal from the contemporary experience of art.

Conference “Visionary Art”

For over 25 years, the painter Laurence Caruana explored sacred visions through dreams, trance and even madness. As a speaker, he has often been asked for his views on recent developments in visionary art. Laurence Caruana evokes his own artistic development. Although his approach is essentially autobiographical, it focuses on the attempt that we all share to address and understand the sacred. Whether through dreams or other states of vision, the sacred promises continually in our lives – but only if we can decipher its hidden signs.

Laurence Caruana Visionary Art

Opening: 3pm, 8th January 2012

Conference: 4pm, free participation, duration 45 minutes

Duration: 8th – 20th January 2012

Marie-France O’Leary
The Beauvais, a BP
58330 Saint-Saulge

+33 3 86 58 29 98
+33 6 11 99 55 42

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