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De Es “Planetarier” Feature Exhibition Gallery Szaal Vienna

De Es Schwertberger - Planetarier

De Es Schwertberger - Planetarier

Under the motto “Art Personalities” Gallery Szaal presents important contemporary Austrian artists. This time De Es Schwertberger was chosen.

De es was born in 1942 in Gresten, Lower Austria, as Dieter Schwertberger. The artist studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in painting under Sergius Pauser and learnt the techniques of Old Masters from Ernst Fuchs. 1968 Schwertberger moved to Switzerland, where he succeeded with numerous exhibitions. After returning in 1972 he worked as an assistant to Ernst Fuchs at the Summer Academy in Reichenau. Beginning in 1975, he lived and worked in New York for eleven years, where the first images of his life project “Friedensdom” were created – a building for a cycle of one hundred pictures. Since 1986 the artist lives and works in Vienna.

At the beginning of the 60s Schwertberger painted surreal, utopian spaces and scenes, which would fall under the umbrella of  Fantastic Realism. Over time he developed this into his own, very personal style, to become one of the outstanding representatives of  “Visionary Art.” Schwertberger considers himself a seeker who tells what is to be found in the “language of images.” His message of “Sense and Transformation” is expressed with intensity and the precise use of light, space and texture.

The “Planetarier” that are exhibited during the WIKAM in the atrium of the Palais of Lower Austria are available for purchase. The artist says: “These are peacekeepers, from a world without borders, coming from the dimension of wholeness.” Since they are all alike and yet all are different, they stimulate the dialogue of multiplicity and unity, equality and difference.

These larger than life sculptures have already been successfully exhibited on several occasions at home and abroad. Thus, in 1991 on the occasion of that the city of Bern celebrated 800 years, 40 “Planetarier” were installed on the surrounding hills. In 2000 was the Vienna installation “100 Planetarier in Heaven”.

De Es “Planetarier” Feature Exhibition

WIKAM 2011 – Vienna International Art & Antiques Fair

Duration: 4th November – 13th Novermber 2011
Times: 11am – 7pm
Preview: 5pm Thursday 4th November
Opening: 7pm Thursday 4th November

Palais Ferstel – Input Strauchgasse 4
Palais of Lower Austria – Herrengasse 13
Vienna, 1 District

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