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Rudolf and Anne Hausner “Adam and Anima”

Rudolf Hausner, "Anne" 1981

Rudolf Hausner, "Anne" 1981

Artroom Würth in Böheimkirchen, Austria will exhibit artworks by Rudolf Hausner (A) and Anne Hausner (D / A)  from  the Würth Collection.

Rudolf Hausner, was born in Vienna in 1914, regardless of his fame was always busy in the art world. Anne Hausner, born 1943 in Hamburg followed, as well as a painter one independent path outside the mainstream.

Adam and Anima – the alter ego and female psyche. A genius painter, Rudolf Hausner abanded himself to the decades-long process of self-discovery through painting. The Adam invents his alter ego, which stands not only for himself but for all mankind, as he wrestles with his life. Even the female counterpart of his soul, the anima,  has a face as his painter wife Anne Hausner and model in many pictures.

Both artists are closely connected with the Würth Collection. In 1987, with the first purchase of the painting “Homage to Leonardo” by Rudolf Hausner, followed by many others. Between the successful entrepreneur, Würth and the thoughtful, self-critical artist grew a mutual appreciation until Hausner’s death in 1995. “Würth is impressed by the mastery of painting and also of the underlying structures of thought. He is fascinated by the inexhaustible nature of these images, that one can discover something new, something about yourself. “(Würth Collection, Volume 2)

The Würth Collection contains the most important paintings from the artist’s late work and vast collection graphic works. The exhibition in the Artroom Würth Austria presents the graphic works alongside major large-scale paintings of Rudolf Hausner. His works are artworks are hung alongside those of Anne Hausner in counter balance. Anne Hausner, who currently lives as a painter in Vienna, was a former student of Hausner at the College of Fine Arts in Hamburg. She later married Hausner in 1970 and then relocated to Vienna in 1976. Their family lives in a stately mansion in the Mödlinger Vorderbrühl. In her own way of quiet persistence, she paints in the overpowering shadow of her successful husband, but nonetheless is respected in her own right.

Anne Hausner’s paintings are concentrated, still, technically perfect, exacting and patient. She is fascinated by surfaces and structures that point the way to the essence of things. She herself says: “The light in natural shows me the source of happiness.”

Rudolf and Anne Hausner “Adam and Anima”

Duration: 18 October 2011 to 31 March 2012
Opening times: Mon to Thu 07:00 to 17:00, Fri 07:00 bis 14:00 clock, Sat and Sun by appointment through the website (contact)

WÜRTH Handelsges.mbH
Würth Street 1
A-3071 Böheimkirchen

+43- (0) 5-08242-2357

Text and photo: Artroom Würth

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