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Der Wanderer – Benedetto Fellin and Hanno Karlhuber

"Der Wanderer" Benedetto Fellin und Hanno Karlhuber

"Der Wanderer" Exhibition, Benedetto Fellin und Hanno Karlhuber

Art, music and cuisine awaits the guests of the dual exhibition “The Wanderer” with works by Benedetto Fellin and Hanno Karlhuber in the restaurant of the water ski school in St. Andrae-Wördern.

Hanno karlhuber was born 1946 in Dresden and then moved to Austria where he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. In his series “Die Spur des Menschen” (The Trail of the People), he explores the perception of everyday landscapes and things, seeking a magical perspective. High voltage power lines, traffic signs, cars and contrails in the sky seem to affect our romantic notion of the landscape, but you can also realise the inevitable poetry, if you see them in a new light.

Wandering is not only a geographical discovery, but also the discovery of self.

Fellin Benedetto was born 1956 in Merano, South Tyrol, and studied at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts with Prof. Rudolf Hausner. He has received public awards such as the Hausner promotion prize, and the Theodor-Körner prize. Fellin made study trips to Asian, African and Central American. These then later influenced the themes of his painting. The art of Benedetto Fellin is a special form of figurative painting. The viewer encounters seemingly fantastic worlds that are very real terms, the characteristics of people, cultures and landscapes in significant correlations.

The opening of exhibition will be made by Mayor Alfred Alfred Stachelberger, council mayor Johann Höfinger and chairwoman TfKv Vbgm. Silvia Berger Wolf. Music through out the evening will be provided by Mark Floth and Stella Jones on piano accompaniment. There will also be wine tasting delicacies from the kitchen of the water ski school.

Der Wanderer – Benedetto Fellin and Hanno Karlhuber

Opening: 1st October 2011, 7 p.m.
Exhibition dates: 2nd October to 3rd December 2011
Opening times: daily from 10:00 a.m.

Restaurant der Wasserschischule
Am Hafen 1
3423 St. Andrä Wördern

Tel: +43 02242/32955

Information texts on the artists and photo: MVMfm

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