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Art Imaginär 2011

Art Imaginär 2011

The Herrenhof Mußbach is this year hosting again an extensive exhibition featuring 55 artists. It is the first time that many of the artists are being shown in Art Imaginär. In the special exhibition in the Park-Villa will be shown Prof. Karl Kunz (1905 – 1971) a classic German surrealist. Through his membership and participation in exhibitions of the Palatine Secession, he was associated with the region.

Hans Joachim Gestering (1911 – 1992) would this year have turned 100 years old. After the war Gestering lived in Frankfurt and Forstel Odenwald. The “Art Imaginär 2011” reflects upon these artists, and their lives.

Heinz Rose (1902-1972) can be viewed as a pioneer of Fantastic Art, although he was never exhibited in that circle. He studied art at the Academies of Munich and Berlin and was a master student of Slevogt. From 1909 he lived in am Ammersee. In 1952 and 1963 he was exhibited at the Palatine Gallery.

“The Fantastic Art Collection Westermann,” will exhibit 25 artists and their object boxes.

The exhibition then travels to Vienna and opens on January 14th 2012 at the Palais Palffy.

Exhibiting Artists

Bernhard Apfel, Alfred Bast, Moritz Baumgartl, Thomas Brenner, Nicolaus Bentheim, Otfried Culmann, Doremi, Michael Engelhard, Edgar Ende, Andres Nikolaus Franz, Hanns Joachim Gestering, Friedrich Groß, Joe Hackbarth, Wolfgang Harms, Claus Dietrich Hentschel, Herzog Charlotte von Berg, Hermann Hoormann, Fritz Hörauf, Bernhrd Jäger,  Lukáš Kándl, Hanno Karlhuber, James Koga , Michael Krähmer, Karl Kunz, Hellmut Neukirch, Wolfgang Ohlhäuser, Tamara Ralis, Heinz Rose, Manfred Sillner, Piero Strada, Raymond Waydelich, Elke Wassmann, Bruno Weber, Christoph Winkler, Woldemar Winkler, Siegfried Zademack

Art Imaginär 2011
Fantastic and Visionary Art

Exhibition Duration:
24th October to 27th November 2011

Exhibition Hours:
Saturday: 2pm –  6pm
Sunday and Friday: 11am – 6pm
Wednesday: 6pm – 10pm

Herrenhof Mußbach
An der Eselshaut 18
67435 Mußbach-Neustadt an der Weinstrasse

Tel: +49 63 21 96 39 99 0

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