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Visions in the Mischtechnik 2011

Visions in the Mischtechnik 2011

The Visions in the Mischtechnik painting seminar is again happening in the labyrinthine village of Torri Superiore, Italy. This year, the 2011 Seminar offers a variety of learning opportunities. Laurence Caruana and Amanda Sage will be teaching classical oil painting techniques as practiced by the Old Masters, demonstrating methods, materials practical tips and secrets of the craft.

Students will also have the option of studying the airbrush with Andrew Gonzalez or drawing with Maura Holden during their 1 Week Intensives. These optional intensives are offered at a discount to students of The MischTechnik Seminar. For those who wish to study with Andrew Gonzalez & Maura Holden exclusively, a special 1 week independent intensive for non-seminar students will be held in the final week.

The hill-top eco-village of Torri Superiore is a small community where the inhabitants live in harmony with their environment, practicing permaculture and sustainable Living. Course participants will become part of village life, sharing in communal meals prepared by the local chef from fresh and mostly organic ingredients grown in the surrounding fields.

Caruana Sage Mishctechnik Seminar

Through the Mischtechnik students will learn how to make fine lines, apply smooth glazes, eliminate brush strokes and create visionary effects like transparency, jewels and haloes. This classical technique of oil painting was developed by Ernst Fuchs and taught directly to his two assistants, Laurence Caruana and Amanda Sage.

On 2 separate panels, you will develop paintings that alternate between ‘whites’ in a water-based egg tempera and ‘color glazes’ in an oleo-varnish medium. Since these layers take time to dry, you will alternate your work between the 2 paintings. Laurence Caruana will assist you with one; Amanda Sage will oversee the other. In this way, you will benefit from the teachings of both artists.

Both Laurence Caruana and Amanda Sage have practiced the Mischtechnik (‘mixed technique’) for many years – Amanda in her studios in Vienna and Los Angeles, Laurence in his Paris atelier and Burgundian farmhouse. They also worked with Ernst Fuchs at the Apocalypse Chapel in Klagenfurt and his studios in nearby Monaco and Castillon.

Andrew Gonzalez Airbrush Intensive

Students will have the unique opportunity of studying airbrush with Andrew Gonzalez. The airbrush intensive consists of six 2 hour sessions with Andrew, amounting to a total of 12 hours. Maximum attention is guaranteed, since the teacher will work side-by-side with 2 students at a time, each student plus the teacher having an airbrush at hand.

Maura Holden Drawing Intensive

This year Maura Holden joins the seminar to teach drawing. Her intensive, like Andrew’s, will consist of six 2 hour sessions where the teacher will work side by side with 2 students at a time, making for a total of 12 hours intensive teaching.

Full details about the seminar are to be found on Laurence Caruana’s website.

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