March 27th, 2011 by Leo Plaw

Painting with Light – Workshop – Amanda Sage

Amanda Sage - "Painting with Light" workshop

Amanda Sage - "Painting with Light" workshop

“Painting with Light” is a painting Seminar with artist Amanda Sage and hosted by artist Elisa Rose Mountain. This workshop will primarily focus on observing fundamental principles of light, using techniques based on the early renaissance methods of under-painting and glazing, introducing advanced modes of expression to deepen your practice. Developing an eye to see nature through rendering our perception by working in pastel on toned paper, while also following the fundamentals of painting with acrylic & oil. By learning the basic laws of nature the impossible becomes possible, and by communicating through the visual language we can explore visions and narratives in a way that transcends separation.

“It is such a simple observation that there are no straight lines in nature, but it is a door into natures heart.” Excerpt from the ‘Secret Teachings of Plants’

The ultimate goal of this 5 day workshop is empowerment, that we realize our potential by refining the creative power within.

Amanda Sage is at the forefront of a breed of artists using art as a tool for personal, spiritual development. Born 1978 in Denver, Colorado; her adventurous spirit carried her to Bali, then on to Vienna, Austria to study classical painting with Michael Fuchs, resulting in becoming a long time painting assistant to the world renowned co-founder of Fantastic Realism, Ernst Fuchs.

She currently lives and works in downtown Los Angeles, and is focused primarily on assisting the birthing of sustainable life-styles & thought in communities across the globe by participating in exhibitions, live painting, giving presentations at festivals & conferences and teaching.

Painting with Light

Dates: April 27 – May 1st, 2011

Full 5 days: $500
3 days: $350



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