February 1st, 2011 by Leo Plaw

A Door Between Two Worlds

Triumph - Shinji Asano

Triumph – Shinji  Asano

Following a long tradition of cultural friendship between France and Japan, a select number of Japanese IFAA (International Fantastic Art Association) artists are exhibiting with their French friends and colleagues in the “A Door Between Two Worlds” exhibition in Paris. The exhibition has been co-organised by Hugues Gillet and Shoji Tanaka and curated by Pierre Eugene Mathien.

On Thursday the 3rd of February the exhibition opens with a concert by Madoka accompanied by pianist Naoko Shibuya, accordion player Naoki Ebisawa and bass by Riu with costumes designed by Tetsuya Mizutanji (Cotton Time).

The following ten days of the exhibition will be marked by various events.

Conference: “A door between two worlds”

Tuesday, February 8, 2011 at 7:00 p.m.
a reflection on the fantastic and visionary contemporary art
conducted by artists Bruno Baratier, Hugues Gillet
Torii Nogawa & Shoji Tanaka

Plays: “A door between two worlds”
excerpts from “Spring and Ashura” by Kenji Miyazawa
& poetic works written by Francis Coffinet
Friday, 11 February 2011 to 19 hours
texts read by Francis Coffinet, actor and poet
and simultaneous reading in Japanese by Shoji Tanaka.

Readings from “Spring and Ashura”
work written by Kenji Miyazawa, Fata Morgana – 1998
translated from Japanese by Françoise Lecoeur and adapted by Francis Coffinet

Readings from the poetry of Francis Coffinet:

  • “Les fleuves du sixième sens” – éditions Dumerchez
  • “Epreuves chamaniques”- éditions Alidades
  • “Les ambassades du vide” – éditions de l’Oreille du Loup

Participating Artists

French Artists: Bruno Baratier, Hugues Gillet, Michel Henricot
Japanese Artists: Shinji Asano, Shu Iseki, Satomi Kuwahara, Toru Nogawa, Nobuki Omori, Shoji Tanaka, Asami Yasumoto

The artist is free to destroy and recreate the world. They present their understanding of their entire world by offering the reality of self, through the development and expression of free imagination. The artist must confront the complexity of the deep tensions within their own nature and to translate their vision into the inevitability of the existence of all of humanity. If artists are entrusted with a mission, it is that of revealing the existence of beauty, that there is neither good nor bad therein.” – Shoji Tanaka

A Door Between Two Worlds

Atelier Z
Centre Culturel Christinane Peugeot
62 av. de la Grande Armée
75017 Paris

Tel: +33 14574 3253 (office) or +33 14572 3073 (studio)

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