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Ernst Fuchs – The Fantastic Collection

Fasnacht - Almost naked - Ernst Fuchs

Fasnacht – Almost naked – Ernst  Fuchs

The Arts Factory (Fabrik der Künste) presents a unique and extraordinary exhibition for northern Germany – Ernst Fuchs “The Fantastic Collection” of Dr. Cornelia Mensdorff-Pouilly, one hundred masterpieces – paintings – sculpture – prints by Ernst Fuchs. The first Surrealist, then later Mannerist works frequently have a religious or mythological symbolism. According to his own statements in his book “Architectura Caelestis” many of his motifs are based on visionary experiences. Influenced by Flemish painting, there a number of iconographic works that he created in Paris. Three of these later works formed the altar of the Rosary Church in Vienna Hetzendorf.

The exhibition has a retrospective character and gives an overview of over 65 creative years of the great master of the Vienna School of Fantastic Realism. Dealing with world-famous collections, such as the miniature “Tabula Smaragdina” in 1952, the bronze “Golem” in 1969 and the new “Small floating Venus” lead the visitors into a world of visions, myths and cosmic thinking.

Ernst Fuchs, born in 1930 in Vienna, started creating in 1945 Fantastic artwork, to abstraction and modernism, as well as indulging in old mythologies, that tie in with surrealism and symbolism. Early Fuchs works recall Max Ernst, others are clearly inspired by Gustave Moreau. An echo of Art Nouveau can especially be found in the sculptures of the artist who has also devoted himself to architecture, literature and music. For twelve years Ernst Fuchs lived in Paris, and there he came to know Picasso, Max Ernst, Jean Paul Sartre and his friend and mentor, Salvador Dali. Fuchs was also friends with Arno Breker. “We are the Golden Triangle of Art: Dali, Breker-Fuchs. You can turn us as you want, we are always on top, “said Dali “modestly” about this creative connection.

Ernst Fuchs who has been referred to as the “Painter Prince” – has 16 kids with 7 women and lives in Vienna and Monaco. In 2010, Fuchs’ Apocalypse Chapel in Klagenfurt was inaugurated. Fuchs devoted some 20 years of his life to this masterwork.

Ernst Fuchs ‘The Fantastic Collection”

Masterpieces by Ernst Fuchs – paintings, sculptures, graphics

Duration: 4th February to 6th March, 2011
Opening: 4th February 2011 2pm
Opening times: Tuesday to Saturday 2 – 7pm, Sunday 11am 6pm
Admission: Adults € 5, reduced € 3, children under 18 free. Guides plus € 3, per person.

Fabrik der Künste
Kreuzbrook 10/12
20537 Hamburg

Tel: +49 40 86 68 57 17

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