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Fantastic Art Museum Opens in Vienna

Fantastic Art Museum, Palais Palffy, Vienna

Fantastic Art Museum, Palais Palffy, Vienna

After intensive planning since the Autumn 2010 the Fantastic Art Museum (PhantastenMuseum) in Vienna will open as planned in early 2011. For many weeks the team from the Österreichischen Kulturzentrum (Austrian Cultural Center) in the Palais Palffy and Gerhard Habarta had their hands full building for visitors to the museum, an interesting and informative journey through the history of Fantastic Art and to further the cause for the future.  It may be an exaggeration to say that they have more than succeeded. The wonderful ambience and bright, modern exhibition rooms round off the overall impression of perfection and make a visit to the museum a memorable experience for art lovers.

From the first impulses post the second World War to the present, the range of Exhibition covers the  “Art Club” with its major exhibitions, and  Night Gallery – the “Straw Suitcase,” the protest by Ernst Fuchs, Arnulf Rainer and others in the “Dog Group”, the manifestations of the “Pintorarium” are also joined Hundertwasser. The core of the museum’s display are the fine art painters of the Viennese School, with masterpieces from Brauer, Hausner, Hutter, Lehmann and Fritz Janschka who found success in the U.S.A. A major work from the 80 year old Ernst Fuchs that has resided in New York the past 55 years, has also been provided to the Vienna Fantastic Art Museum.

The concept of the “Viennese School“, which was not actually a school, has long fascinated many artists. Their painting, their graphic works and also the young artists of the next generation, which today are internationally successful, have dedicated rooms in the museum.

Many of these artists are linked to international organizations and communities and are important representatives and ambassadors of the Fantastic Art world in Europe, Australia, the U.S.A. and Japan.

The accompanying the exhibition is a 300 page catalog with color illustrations of all works.

On 15 January is now the museum will be inaugurated under the patronage of Federal President Dr. Heinz Fischer. Opening speeches will be made by Gerhard Habarta the manager of the Palais Palffy, Eric Peischl, and President Mag Piero Bachero.  Numerous local artists and from abroad are expected to attend this long-awaited and historic moment at the Palais Palffy.

Opening: Saturday 15 January 2011, 11am – 6pm

Phantasten Museum
Palais Palffy
Josefsplatz 6
1010 Vienna

+43 (1) 512 56 81 – 0

Source: Webmagazin Phantastisch!
Photos: © Palais Palffy, Austria

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