January 10th, 2011 by Leo Plaw

Alex Grey in Australia

Alex and Allyson Grey coming to Australia

Alex and Allyson Grey coming to Australia

Alex Grey will step foot upon Australian soil for the first time to present his portfolio of visionary paintings, drawings, and multimedia to art and music lovers across the nation. Alex will appear at three events while in Australia, Rainbow Serpent Festival, Astor Theartre, Factory Theatre.

21 – 24 January 2011 – Rainbow Serpent Festival,  Melbourne

Alex Grey and his wife Allyson will be headlining Rainbow 2011’s Arts and Lifestyle programs. During the course of the they will showcase their portfolio of visionary artwork in a special area of the Arts & Lifestyle Village. Best known for his paintings, which portray multiple dimensions of reality, interweaving biological anatomy with psychic and spiritual energies, Alex will present an inspiring and luminous live painting experience, allowing the Rainbow community to enter into their visionary realm of consciousness. There will also be special opportunities to interact with Alex and Allyson through a series of inspirational workshops and talks held at the Arts & Lifestyle Village.

The CoSM space will also feature artworks from international and Australian artists that explore the spheres of fantastical, sacred and the surreal. It is an inclusive space that invites the visitor to explore the tangible manifestations of the artists’ minds through the art gallery spaces, the opportunity to attend workshops and talks by featured artists and outside of the space freely express their artistic side at Sketch City’s interactive graffiti art walls.

Rainbow Serpent Festival

29 January 2011 – Astor Theatre, Melbourne

The Greys will be engaging in a live painting and discussion at The Astor Theatre in Melbourne. The show will feature an artistic showcase and interactive discussion with both Alex and Allyson followed by a live painting performance. Displaying their finely detailed images of subconscious symbolism, this evening with the Greys will allow each participant to truly delve into the artistic realm of Alex and Allyson Grey and their transformative works of art. This spectacular event is bound to inspire, encourage, and transform.

A number of local artists will be exhibited alongside Alex and Allyson Grey also. Kim Evans, Kuba Fiedorowicz and Adam Scott Miller.

Astor Theatre

30 January 2011 – The Factory, Sydney

On the last stop of their tour, in Sydney, Alex and Allyson will again be giving an artistic showcase, interactive discussion, followed by a live painting performance.

The Factory Theatre

Ticket purchase for all three events can be found via the links provided.

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