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De Es Schwertberger – Small Works

De  Es Schwertberger - Small Works

De Es Schwertberger - Small Works

De Es Schwertberger had often heard from his visitors that he always created paintings that were to large for a normal apartmentd or that are too expensive for mere mortals. To which he replies, “That’s not true at all, I paint small and affordable, but for my major exhibitions they are not really worth my time.”

This time, he has banished the big pictures to the hidden corners, and is showing smaller works that are still equal in impression as the larger works.

There is a series of oil paintings on canvas, all 50 x 60 inches tall, exploring the theme, floating space and a number of still smaller which are thematically related to the large images.

Then there are the preliminaries, oil on paper works, that demonstrate emerging ideas, variations. These preliminaries may, over several years be distilled as finished works, but still portray a freshness and spontaneity. To better present these works, they are mounted on board.

Opening: 3 December 2010, 6pm
Duration: 3 to 22 December 2010 by appointment

Atelier De It Schwertberger
Webergasse 41
1060 Vienna

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