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Ernst Fuchs 80th Birthday – Herrenhof Neustadt-Mußbach

Ernst Fuchs

Ernst Fuchs

The Culture Center Herrenhof, Neustadt-Mußbach is celebrating the 80thBirthday of Prof.Ernst Fuchs, the great master of Fantastic Art in the form of a magnificent exhibition of over 100 works (monumental oil paintings, pastels, drawings, sculptures and rare prints) from the collection of Dr. Cornelia Mensdorff-Pouilly, the long time muse and manager of the artist.


At the international exhibition “The Thread of Ariadne” 1998, the Herrenhof Müßbach presented four major works and important prints from Ernst Fuch’s museum in Vienna. In the following exhibitions of “Art Imaginär 09/07“, more of his works were presented.

Ernst Fuchs was born 1930 in Vienna. From early on hisartistic talent was evident and bz the age of 15 he was studying at the Academy of Fine Arts. Here he studied the old masters and their painting technique. He was also influenced by Surrealists Edgar Those. Fuchs lived twelve years in Paris, where he also made contact with Dali. This was followed by trips to Israel, Italy, Spain, England and the USA.

In 1948 Ernst Fuchs was a co-founder of the Vienna School of Fantastic Realism, the most important manifestation of Austrian art after the Second World War.

To improve the situation for the exhibiting of Fantastic Art, he founded Galerie Fuchs in 1958, Vienna, and gave the first time chance for many fantastic artists show their works. 1966 Fuchs published the book “Architectura caelestis” which he wrote in a “lost” style writing, which is hidden in the subconscious of every human being, different times and cultures and is made visible by the work of artists.

Besides numerous paintings with biblical and mythological themes, Fuchs has created an extensive amount of graphic and sculptural works. There are also numerous essays, a fantastic novel, craft utensils, CDs with his own musical compositions, stage sets and costumes for the opera. For several years he has also worked as an architect.

In 1972 he purchased the completely dilapidated Otto Wagner Villa in Vienna, which he renovated at considerable expense. Later then in 1988 it was opened as a private museum, covering all periods of his artwork.

Dr. Agnes Husslein, director of the Belvedere in Vienna, says of Ernst Fuchs, that he is one of the “most important artists of the world” and as one of the “great master painters” of Austria.

In 2004, Fuchs recieved the “Austrian Cross of Honour for Science and Art, First Class”, and then later in 2010 the “Golden Medal at the City of Vienna”.

Ernst Fuchs has collaborated with over 50 artists, writers, publishers and supporters of Fantastic Art in Rolandseck to establish in 1996 the “Center of the Fantastic Arts”, which is now known as the Labyrinth. Artist Otfried H. Culmann has then curated and organised the international “Art Imaginär” exhibitions at the Herrenhof Mußbach for the group.

Today the artist divides his time between his two homes Vienna and Monaco.

The exhibition “Die Phantastische Sammlung” from Dr. Cornelia Mensdorff-Pouilly, surveys 65 years of creativity. The intent of the retrospective is to present the important stages in the work of Prof. Ernst Fuchs to the public, and give them a chance to get up close.

All are welcome to attend the opening of the Herrenhof Mußbach gallery exhibition at 11 am, Sunday 24 October 2010.

Ernst Fuchs 80th Birthday

Welcoming Speech: Gustav-Adolf Baehr – Chairman of the Promotion of Herrenhof Mußbach

Speaker: Dr. Cornelia Mensdorff-Pouilly / Vienna – Ernst Fuchs – autobiographical – in person

Speaker: Clemens Jöckle – Head of the Municipal Gallery Speyer, Ernst Fuchs art history

Piano Solo: Nargiza Alimova Tashkent, Karlsruhe, plays pieces from M. Mussorgskiy’s “Pictures at an Exhibition”.

The opening will take place in the function room of the art gallery. Afterwards you are invited in the foyer for a glass of wine.

Exhibition period: 24th October to 14 November 2010

Exhibition opening times:
Tuesday to Saturday 2pm – 8pm
Sundays and public holidays 11am – 6pm

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D-67 435 Neustadt an der Weinstrasse – Mußbach

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