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Dorothea Tanning Graphics

Dorothea Tanning, I, 1986; Lithographie

Dorothea Tanning, I, 1986; Lithographie

On 25 August 2010,  American artist Dorothea Tanning celebrated her 100th Birthday in New York. Tanning, who was married to Max Ernst in 1946 for three decades, refuses to allow any fuss being made over her. Nevertheless, the Max Ernst Museum Brühl is hosting between 25 August 2010 to 30 January 2011 the exhibition, “Between the inner eye and the other side of the door” to celebrate her 100th birthday.

With two graphics series and selected individual prints held by the Max Ernst Museum, the birthday tribute focuses on the graphic work of the artist. The episode “Les 7 perils spectraux” (The seven ghostly threats), which includes seven lithographs from 1950 in Paris, shows off early motifs and themes of the work:  a door simultaneously the cover of a book, or in a further lithograph a sunflower as a plate.

Two decades later Dorothea Tanning  printed the graphic series, “La marée” (tides) consisting of eight prints. From the intricate structures and changing colors emerge the human body, the contour lines now open. While the two series were printed in France, the large-format lithography “I” 1986 was done in the United States. In this self-representation, the hands behind her head, form an eye. The title “I” is thus a play on “Eye”. The early self-portrait “Birthday” 1942, produced as a limited edition print, rounds out a review of half a century of art, which in her own words lies “between the inner eye and the other side of the door “.

Between the inner eye and the other side of the door
Dorothea Tanning ‘s 100th Birthday – Graphics
25. August 2010 to 30th January 2011
Tue – Sun 11am – 6pm, Thu until 9pm
Admission is 5 €, concessions 3 €.
For children and teenagers under 18, admission is free.

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