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Chimeria Festival 2010

Chimeria Festival - 2010

Chimeria Festival - 2010

The visionary cosmos and plurality of worlds, “Science & Fiction”

For its eighth edition of the International Arts Festival Chimeria focuses its theme and its gaze to the infinite depths of the cosmos. A source of questioning, fantasy and poetry, the universe continues to inspire humanity. This year’s festival explores the cosmos and the interrelationship between science and fertile imagination. The latest research in theoretical physics and astrophysics seem to actually reach the mythologies of old. Claude Levi-Strauss, who died recently had clearly demonstrated the appearance of the famous mythical big-bang physics, notably by comparing the first light of Genesis. In 2010 we wanted to pay tribute to Galileo, an eminent thinker that some have identified as the founding father of empirical science. But Galileo was not only a clever thinker, he was also a poet, imagining behind the first telescope of the plurality of worlds. Is there any life elsewhere in the universe? Are there other intelligent creatures on other planets? Are there other levels of reality? Is the universe finite or infinite?

All these issues are becoming central to societal debate. Scientists seek to unravel the mystery of the origin of our universe. Matter seems to vanish in the equations of abstract quantum physicists. The material world becomes information, a language. Again science meets myth, the beginning was the Word! In the early twentieth century quantum physics has inspired abstract art and cubism. The relationship between artists and scientists has always been very close, influencing each other in turn. The authors of science fiction, and the film makers have also provided guidance for areas of science. Stanley Kubrick’s 2001 comes to mind. Sci-fi films such as James Cameron’s Avatar has captivated the attention of millions of viewers.

Today the cinema is the best representative of the fusion between science and fantasy. The image and representation have become the ontological structure of our contemporary reality. Because the word is said! it’s all about performances. The Universe of physicists, as well as the myths of old are representations of reality. Designing the world is creating it! Thus scientists and artists express their art to make worlds.

Exhibiting Artists

H.R. Giger, Peter Gric, Hugues Gillet, Chris Dyer, Leo Plaw, Hector Toro, Brigitte Barberane, Catherine Alexandre, Martina Hoffmann, Roberto Venosa, Maurice Livat, Ecrivain , Marlis Laduree, François Schlesser, Jean-Pierre Fontana, Michel Bassot , Hattori Naoto, Mad Jarova, Monica Fagan, Dominique Desorges, Claus Brusen, Yoann Puissegur, Virginie Dumetz, Florence Antoine, Sylvie Le Treut – Dessinatrice , Martine Henoch , Angelo Satalino, Cyril Barreaux, Pierre Boulanger, Eric AvondoAyahuesquero, Alain PellerierArtiste Pluridisciplinaire , Ann LanSur Soie , Jérémie Legendre Et Timothée Peron – Plasticiens , Sonam LamaDe Mandala, Patrice Hubert, John Haley, Benalo, Tim Roosen

Chimeria : International Festival Of Visionary Art

17 nations represented / 63 International artists

23 October to 1 November 2010
Sedan, France

Programme 2010 Festival CHIMERIA

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