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Macht der Phantasie – The Power of Fantasy – Exhibition 2010 Riegersburg

Edgar Ende, Die Büßerinnen, Öl auf Leinwand, 90 x 120cm, 1958

Edgar Ende, Die Büßerinnen, Öl auf Leinwand, 90 x 120cm, 1958

After the success of the previous seasons, Countess Francesca Pilati von Thassul, who is the Museum Director and Lady of the House Riegersburg, decided to show a special theme exhibition, “Macht der Phantasie”  (The Power of Fantasy).

Countess Francesca Pilati has together with the curator Dr. Cornelia Mensdorff-Pouilly, has since 2004 organized a big yearly exhibition on different subjects.

This series started with the exhibition “Vom Surrealismus zur Moderne” and the last Exhibition in 2009 was “Kunst zur Zeit des Kalten Krieges” and took place to commemorate the 20 years  jubilee of the fall of the Iron Curtain and was meant as a commemoration of the first 2009 Cross-border Exhibition of the Government of Lower-Austria.

For these activities, the lady of the House received on the 10th of November 2009, from the Austrian Ambassador in the Czech Republic H. E. Dr. Margot Klestil-Löffler, the decoration of the Cross for the merit for Sciences and Arts, granted to her by the Austrian President, Dr. Heinz Fischer, and recommended by the Culture Minister, Dr. Claudia Schmied. Countess Pilatii was shown peculiar acknowledgement for her cross-border exhibitions especially with the Czech Republic.

With very little financial support, she succeeded for almost six years now, to organize exhibitions which have been highly praised by art experts.

The Lady of the House has a special thread to Fantastic Art and likes to say: “We need an unreal world to be able to escape in the Fantasy and Dreams. Only in this way one can get power to manage the everyday life”.

The Exhibition “The Power of Fantasy” should show that Fantastic Art was during centuries an important part of art history . Works of famous Austrian names (and friends of the Lady of the House) like Prof. Ernst Fuchs, who will be 80 this year, will be shown as well as some of his contemporaries, Kurt Regschek and Fritz Aigner. The exhibition also includes artists from the youngest and middle aged generations.

The exhibition organizers are especially grateful to the German Painter and Curator, Otfried Culmann, who organizes in his country from time to time, exhibitions of Fantastic Art.  He has announced that he will show some important German artists, like the former German surrealist Edgar Ende (Father of Michael Ende). Czech artists like Lukáš Kándl as well as several Italians, and the late surrealist Leonor Fini will also be presented.

The baroque House of Riegersburg, hidden in the deepness of Waldviertel, is the ideal spot to present such an exhibition. This location, very often hidden in the mist, is an invitation to meet the Fantastic, the Grotesque and the pure Mystery. And especially in Summer this area is a very  popular excursion  destination, along with the National Park Thayatal and the famous Fortress of Hardegg rising romantically from its stone hill. The tourist interested by art can sit for a cup of coffee in the wonderful garden by the sea and rest before he visits the exhibition which will give him a wide spectrum of Manneristic and Fantastic art, showing that this form of art still holds the power to fascinate.

Exhibited Artists

Fritz Aigner, Setsuko Aihara, Lilo Almog, Ernst Bruzek, Jehan Calvus, Patrizia Comand, Otfried CulmannSalvador DaliDe Es Schwertberger, Edgar Ende, Michael EngelhardtBenedetto FellinLeonor FiniChristian FloraErnst FuchsPeter Gric, Uwe Grossu,Wolfgang Harms, Claus D. Hentschel, Fritz Hörauf, Lukáš KándlHanno Karlhuber, Peter Klitsch, Lubo Kristek, Luigi La Speranza, Dina Larot, Michael Maschka, Tamara Ralis, Kurt Regschek, Jolanda Richter, Elke WassmannWessi Benderlieva Karlhofer, Woldemar Winkler, Siegfried Zademack

The Power of Fantasy

29 April to 15th November 2010

Barockschloß Riegersburg
A-2092 Riegersburg 1
Österreich / Austria
Tel: +43 – 2916 / 400
Fax: +43 – 2916 / 400 32


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