Delvin Solkinson

Born in the wilds of British Columbia’s left coast, Delvin remains a deep part of this rainforest ecology. Growing up with a love for the fantastic meant exploring and being influenced by the art culture around him. In the year two thousand, following a dream calling, Delvin began to make galactik trading cards, a global arts initiative featuring fantastic art. At first the cards reflected the emerging visionary art scene on the west coast of North America but the project widened to include artists the world over. In 2007 Delvin met Leo Plaw and was struck by his brilliant paintings and sharp intellect. Seeking any opportunity to work with Leo, he embraced the opportunity to participate in the creation of this global arts website in line with his efforts to help build a new art culture. .

Helping curate and produce a number of art culture events as well as accompanying art catalogues, Delvin is interested in creating media platforms to support the creation of an artful planetary culture.

Currently Delvin teaches permaculture and integrated ecology in a small coastal village on Mt. Elphinstone.

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