People are always welcome to register on the site and participate in commenting on articles. As such, these are the only members that the site has.

News and Events Submissions

Fantastic Visisions always welcomes news and information that can be published on the News and Events pages. But again, what makes it on to the site is again an issue of time, resources, and how well written the submitted information is and what supporting materials are provided. Please use the Contact page for News and Events submissions.

Fantastic Visisions reserves the right to edit any submissions as deemed fit.

When submitting any media or text, please, where possible provide information regarding the source, so the photographer or author can be credited.

Artist Submissions


Artist profile pages are not members pages and are purely for documentation. Borne out of the frustration with attempting to edit Wikipedia pages, and the lack of any decent documentation for Fantastic and Visionary artwork, Fantastic Visisions is an attempt to map the history and relationships within this art direction.

Time and resources are limited as this is a private project that is self funded. This means that Fantastic Visions has its own priorities as to what artists are added to the site and when.

Do not contact Fantastic Visions requesting inclusion for an artist profile. All requests will be ignored.


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Featured Artist Peter Gric