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Lukáš Kándl Permanent Exhibition

"Phoenix Royal", Lukáš Kándl

“Phoenix Royal”, Lukáš  Kándl

For some 20 years Lukáš Kándl has co-operated with the Droit de Regard Gallery, in the center Arcachon, a beautiful and famous seaside town.

Starting with a few small paintings, Lukáš now displays very large artworks and permanently occupies 2/3 of the whole surface area, with a total of about 50 paintings. The permanent exhibition provides an excellent overview, allowing one to discover the many facets of his work.

Bestiary is one of his preferred themes, where horses become unicorns, peacocks transform into flowers, felines strut down the stairs, or lounge on a coach, and birds take on a special unknown quality.

Kándl is also fascinated by esoteric, biblical, literary themes.

As a native of the Czech Republic, I was born in Prague, the city dominated by the spirits of Rudolf II, Arcimboldo, Kafka, and many others who left there their indelible marks. My painting is somewhere between surrealism and fantastic, a mix of strange and magic.

I like to imagine that, in an other life, I was yet living in this city, as somebody in charge of Rudolf II’s fabulous collection in which you could find, for example, astrological tools, potions to make gold, the philosopher’s stone, impenetrable manuscripts full of VITRIOL formula. There were also strange beasts that I especially love.

Inspiration comes to me fairly easily; ideas seem to have been put in a huge mental library, with ad infinitum books and subjects. I just need to take a stroll in my library, stretch out my hand, and the content of my paintings will magically appear, naturally.

My art includes in large part erotic subjects, sensuality, poetry and sometimes an anecdote or even black humour.

Galerie Droit de Rgard is open daily for viewing of Lukáš´ artwork.

Galerie Droit de Regard
193, boulevard de la Plage
33120 Arcachon

Tel: +33 5 5683-7251 

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