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Society for Art of Imagination Opening at Phantasten Museum


In  the Phantasten Museum Vienna  is the latest exhibition of the Society for Art of Imagination, one of its biggest highlights so far. The exhibition opening attracted visitors and artists from around the world. The exhibition rooms were filled to overflowing.

Brigid Marlin, founder of the Society for Art of Imagination, and master  Ernst Fuchs celebrated a joyous reunion and were very popular with the photographers. The exhibition features an impressive, cross-section of the work of Members of the Society.

For the guests and artists there were catalogues to sign, photographs to be taken and new acquaintances to be made. For many artists, this exhibition it was a welcome opportunity to meet colleagues from the global virtual network and to get to know each other personally.

First International Conference of the Fantastic Art

In the afternoon after the official opening took place in Phantastenmuseum held the first International Conference of fantastic art. Topic was the future of Fantastic Art – Gerhard Habarta , Peter Hutter, Miguel Tio, Brigid Marlin and Kate Eggleston-Wirtz spoke about their visions for the Fantastic Art. In the ensuing discussion, led by Michel De Saint Ouen, President of the Society was looking for ways to free the Fantastic Art from their niche.

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