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Vienna Fantastics Celebrate Fuchs Birthday

Ernst Fuchs in seinem Atelier (Foto: ©Sigrid Nepelius)

Ernst Fuchs in seinem Atelier (Foto: ©Sigrid Nepelius)

A regular gathering at the Palff cafe next to the Vienna Phantasten Museum became an impromptu birthday party for a very special artist, Ernst Fuchs.

Ernst Fuchs, an inspiration to many other artists, celebrated his 82nd Birthday on the 13th of February. The gathering of the community of artists centred on the Phantasten Museum, met on this occassion to congratulate the maestro.

The birthday boy had been busy in his studio above the Phantasten Museum where he was working on a huge painting. A visitor to his studio would would be impressed with his focus and dedication to painting, as he stands on a ladder working stroke by stroke on the painting. By the time he arrive downstairs to the cafe, everything had been set.

When arriving at the café, many colleagues and friends were already there and greeted him with applause. Of course there was a birthday cake, as only befits Vienna and Fuchs.

That Ernst Fuchs loves Viennese songs, is well known, so he received a special surprise, from the opera singers Corinna Herden and Brian Bales with artist Carmen Wagner, who sung “Vienna, Vienna, You Alone”. All joined in the chorus again all joined in.

Among the many gifts Ernst Fuchs received this evening, was a joint gift of the Vienna Phantasten family – a gold-plated brush, as an “Oscar” for the appreciation of his work.

We wish him many more productive years, and numerous creative celebrations like this one!


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