January 29th, 2012 by Leo Plaw

Odd Nerdrum Appeal Granted

Self portrait at L'Hippodrome

Self portrait at L'Hippodrome, Odd Nerdrum

The ongoing saga of Odd Nerdrum‘s battle with the Norwegian tax authorities has progressed further, with him being granted a new trial in the Court of Appeal. Because his prison sentence was less than six years, the probability of being granted an appeal in Norway is incredibly low. Thus, the choice to overturn the sentence requires serious concerns about the district court’s verdict. The appeals court stated that it specifically wanted to review questions over a sum of $300,000 taxed in Iceland in 2003, as well as to re-consider Nerdrum‘s explanation that this fiasco began due to some 40 paintings that had melted due to experimental techniques.

Nedrum’s defense lawyer, Tor Erling Staff, told the Norwegian paper Aftenposten that the appeal of verdict is because it has been arrived at via a selective choice of information and that not all issues have been discussed. “My impression is that the district court thinks Nerdrum lacks credibility and instead must prove his innocence,” said Staff.

Odd Nerdrum is furious with the court because a prison sentence means he will loose his American visa. “Two years in prison and I lose my visa to the United States. Now I cannot be a guest teacher at Maryland Institute College of Art, the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art or New York Academy of Art“, says Nerdrum. Current laws would also forbid Nerdrum from painting in jail.

The artist has stated in the press that it feels like the Norwegian government is executing a vendetta against him.

Nerdrum is awaitng the date of the appeal at his chateau, situated in Maisons-Lafitte, a fashionable suburb outside Paris. The estate is registered to his wife, and was recently purchased by her company. It is intended to be used as a family house, with ample room for Nerdrum’s pupils.

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4 Responses to “ Odd Nerdrum Appeal Granted ”

  1. Deborah Says:

    I would marry a person like him…He is a brilliant artist.

  2. Leo Plaw Says:

    Sorry Deborah, but he’s already taken. 8)

  3. Leo Plaw Says:

    But on a serious note, the Norwegian government has a cheek calling on the Chinese government to explain its imprisonment of Ai Weiwei for alleged tax fraud, when they are about to do the same.

  4. Odd Nerdrum Loses Court Appeal for Tax Evasion Says:

    […] and Iceland.The Oslo District Court found him guilty and served him a two year jail sentence. Nerdrum then appealed the verdict.The Appeals Court has subsequently upheld the original ruling and granted a lengthier […]

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