October 28th, 2011 by Leo Plaw

Odd Nerdrum Speaks About his Persecution and Prosecution

Artist as a Criminal - Odd Nerdrum

Artist as a Criminal - Odd Nerdrum

Odd Nerdrum has recently publicly stated his case on the website Free Odd Nerdrum, giving a detailed account of his version of events that have lead to his recent conviction for tax evasion, which he is now appealing. Nerdrum explains how he came to use the disastrous oil mix that came to ruin a period of his painting and almost his reputation when the paintings started to deteriorate drastically under certain conditions. He then set about either, repairing, making copies of the paintings, or in the worst case, refunding the money.

Odd Nerdrum‘s own growing success and therefore the resale value of his paintings was of the greatest concern if collectors demanded money in compensation. The large paintings could now be extremely expensive to pay for.

It was the later that prompted him to start an emergency account as a security against future claims for compensation. This account then later attracted the attention of the Norwegian taxation authorities and became one of their chief proofs in the court case against Odd Nerdrum, that he had intentionally committed tax fraud.

Nerdrum gives a chronological list of events whereby there appears to be a concerted campaign by various official Norwegian organisations to block any success or official recognition by cultural institutions internationally. He argues that the trial and conviction for tax fraud is but the culmination of the effort sink him for being a perceived Norwegian cultural shame; that a “kitsch” painter can achieve so much international attention and acclaim over more “modern and progressive” Norwegian art.

Fantastic Visions has talked to various artists about living and working in Norway as an artist. It would seem, that it is difficult at best. Artists have to officially document every single artwork, sold or unsold, lest the artist be making income and not be declaring it to the tax authorities.

A possible vendetta against Odd Nerdrum also seems possible when you consider that population wise, Norway is a very small country, and almost everybody knows everybody. So make an enemy somewhere, social leverage could make life difficult for you.

Odd Nerdrum‘s full explanation can be found the Free Odd Nerdrum website.

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