May 12th, 2010 by Leo Plaw

De Es – Bilderbuch für Planetarier

De Es Schwertberger is republishing his book, “Bilderbuch für Planetarier” (Picture Book for Panetarians). The book was originally published almost 30 years and has until now been out of print. Almost all of the paintings from the Stone Period 1972 – 1979 are reproduced, including the Philosopher’s Stone pictures and the Stone-Images from the book “Heavy Light”.

The Book is 148 pages printed on premium paper with a matte finish and bound with a hard cover. The initial version is in German, but if he receives enough interest he will have it translated in to English.

Bilderbuch für Planetarier is available from

Here is an interactive preview of the book.

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    […] Es wird dabei auch zwei seiner Bücher vorstellen, das „Bilderbuch für Planetarier“ und […]

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