May 10th, 2010 by Delvin Solkinson

CoSM Journal of Visionary Culture

CoSM Jounal - Volume 6

CoSM Jounal - Volume 6

From the beautiful forests of upstate New York comes a global arts journal which celebrates artful vision. The new volume of the CoSM journal explores the intersection between human and nature and illustrating some exemplary people who modelling new ways to evolve and rediscover this sacred relationship. Lavishly illustrated with fantastic nature art from around the world, the journal is a full colour adventure into nature as you have never seen it before.

Within its pages is a series of vignettes on visionaries who are helping to save the planet with their work, their art or their ideas. It includes an amazing array of active people playing their part to address the current ecological crisis. Articles feature bee keeper David Wolfe, earth activist Julia Butterfly Hill, Omega Institute CEO Skip Backus, visionary author J.P. Harpignies, raw food Rabbi Gabriel Cousens, deep ecologist John Seed, eco-psychologist Ralph Metzner,  and mycologist Paul Stamets.  It also includes dedications to the passing of geologian Thomas Berry and shaman Pablo Amaringo.

Looking at nature art from across the planet, the Journal includes the luminous works of artists Akiko Endo and Mitsuru Nagashima from Asia,  Isabela Maria Hartz from South America, Alex and Allyson Grey from North America, Brigid Marlin and Daniel Mirante from Europe as well as African artist Anne Mwiti and Andy Thomas from Oceania.
This 156 page media journey into the global art culture is available online at We are currently seeking help with the promotion and distribution of the Journal, contact delvin [at] for details.

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