December 14th, 2009 by Leo Plaw

AOI and IFAA Become Sister Art Societies

Shoji Tanaka and Michel de Saint Ouen

Shoji Tanaka and Michel de Saint Ouen

London based Society for the Art of Imagination (AOI) have twinned with International Fantastic Art Association (IFAA) which is based in Japan. As a first step all members of IFAA and AOI will be able to submit works to each other’s exhibitions. Together they are exploring the possibility of organizing exhibitions in Japan for each others members and European exhibitions for IFAA’s members.

The IFAA had been long aware of the AOI. After exhibiting with the IFAA in Japan, Leo Plaw spoke with Brigid Marlin the AOI president and made an introduction. And so, on one cold and wet day in London Leo and Brigid met for English tea with Brigid eagerly listening to the stories of Japan. Leo then put the two in contact with each other. So it came to pass that Shoji was invited to exhibit with the AOI in their annual exhibition last year.

It was at this time that a mutual agreement of society friendship was established and both groups decided to explore ways to collaborate together. It is a very exciting time as the Fantastic Art groups across the world reach out to each other to build a common future.

Shoji wrote a number of entries on his own personal blog about his time in London meeting the AOI. All articles are in Japanese of course, but a good online translator will help you get the gist of things. He seems to be very pleased and excited by meeting everyone and the opportunities it opens up for the IFAA.

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