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Viktor Safonkin

Viktor Safonkin was born August 22nd, 1967 in Sarnask, the capital of the Russian Republic of Morodovia. Today he lives in Prague where he has his studio and gallery.

Safonkin’s unique artwork has been exhibited the world over, in the U.S.A., Holland, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Austria and Germany. He is often a guest at many international Fantastic Art gatherings.

In his energetic, detailed and often at first glance, shocking artworks, Viktor Safonkin holds up a mirror, showing the viewer grotesque caricatures of themselves. With his dramatic artworks, Safonkin draws upon the background of his youth in the Soviet Union:

1990 was not only the year of Sunrise, but also the opening of my mind. Technical studies made ​me indifferent. It felt pointless. But then my heart opened the doors of creativity. It is difficult, almost impossible, for something important and specific to be found in a flood of information. Learning by rote and monotonous ideas do not enrich, but rather fatigue us. If we have no aims, no passion, we become indifferent. I prefer ambitions, hysteria, love, hate, painting, celebration, illusion, sacrifice, Christ, the future. I will always defend myself against the indifference that one encounters in the world.Viktor Safonkin

Safonkin’s sources of inspiration are undoubtedly Ernst Fuchs, certain influences in his paintings are from the works of H.R. Giger and Beksinski. In particular, the mythological values of Arnold Böcklin were significantly important to Safonkin’s orientation. He particularly was the inspired by the works of the Norwegian painter Odd Nerdrum.

In 2005 Safonkin was invited to exhibit at the European Parliament in Brussels. The rock band Killing Joke used his Inhuman Rearing as an album cover in 2006. Viktor Safonkin is featured in the 2007 Venus and the Female Intuition, published by SALBRU.

2011 Viktor was honoured with an exhibition in prestigious Russian Musuem in St. Petersburg, Russia’s premier fine art museum.

Safonkin has been called “one of the most brilliant artists I have seen in a long time,” by Fantastic Realism founder, Professor Ernst Fuchs. His artwork is also in the collection of Hollywood director Guillermo del Toro.



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