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Siegfried Zademack

Siegfried Zademack was born 1952 in Bremen, Germany, where he still lives and works to this day. After training as a window dresser, commercial artist and screen printer he was working as a professional graphic artist until 1980. He found the art academy dissatisfying, so he immersed himself in his own private studies of the techniques and compositions of the Old Masters. He developed his own expertise with paints, pigments, transitions, solvents, etc.

In 1975 he had his first exhibition in the Bremen Town Hall. Since 1980 he has worked as a self employed artist and devoted himself entirely to painting. In 1981 he had his first major exhibition with more than 50 paintings on display.

Since 2004 he has been a member of the group, Neue Meister and  since 2006 a member of the international group of artists, Libellule.

The semantic sources of his art are at the same time the past and the present, using historical art quotations in addition to the things such as a Coca-Cola bottle. His teachers are the Old Masters of the Italian Early and High Renaissance, to those of Mannerism. The syntax of his work is determined by those of the masters of classical art. Much his artistic iconography requires a knowledge of art history or politics.


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Siegfried Zademack – Rudifredlinkegalerie

Siegfried Zademack – Rudifredlinkegalerie

Start: 31/08/2013
End: 10/08/2013
The Rudifredlinkegalerie in Munster-Wolbeck will be exhibiting the biggest single collection of artwork from Siegfried Zademack, with more than 60 works spanning four decades.
Dreamscapes V 2013

Dreamscapes V 2013

Start: 21/06/2013
End: 06/10/2013
The fifth edition of the international Dreamscapes exhibition will be opened at the “Old Town Hall” of Viechtach in Germany.
Dollars, Treasures and Art Exhibition 2013 Barockschloss Riegersburg

Dollars, Treasures and Art Exhibition 2013 Barockschloss Riegersburg

Start: 29/04/2013
End: 17/11/2013
This year's exhibition at the Baroqueschloß Riegersburg entitled "Dollars, Treasures and Art... has time run out?" (Dollar Schätze und Kunst) brings together a number of current issues and many perspectives on contemporary society through the creation of the exhibiting artists

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Dreamscapes V


The imaginary realism has become a global movement. This is the programmatic summary of the Marcel Salome. This is his fifth edition of “Dreamscapes” (dream worlds or landscapes). 75 contemporary artists will be presented with their artworks, personal statements and standardized interviews: Who or what inspires them, what drives them? How the outside world affects their art? The book heavily represents Europeans, but the U.S., Japan, India and Iraq are represented as well.

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